Academic Core Experience

Every Holy Cross College baccalaureate graduate shares a specific set of course work, experiences, and skills, above and beyond their major, which develops their mind, body, and spirit. This Core makes our graduates more valuable to future employers, their local community, and the world at large.

You can print a pdf of the Holy Cross Core Curriculum here.
You can print a pdf of the transfer core here.

General Skills Core

Course/Discipline Details Credits
IDST 110/120 College Seminar I 4
IDST 112/122 College Seminar II 4
Natural Science ___ Any natural science course. 3
MATH ___ Any math course above 101 3
ENGL 101 Composition 101 3
COMM 101 Public Speaking 3
IDST 275 Global Perspectives 3
Subtotal 23

Arts and Sciences Core

Course/Discipline Details Credits
PHIL ___ Any 200 level Philosophy course 3
Fine Arts/ Humanities ___
Fine Arts/ Humanities ___
Options include art, communications, English, foreign language, music, and theatre. 3

Social Sciences ___
Social Sciences ___
Options include anthropology, business, economics, history, psychology, and sociology. 3

THEO 140 Creation, Covenant, and Christ 3
THEO 240 Christ, Church, and Culture 3
MATH or Science ___ Any math above 101 or any natural science course. 3
Subtotal 24

Experiential Core

Course/Discipline Details Credits
IDST 250 Service Learning 3
IDST 278 Global Perspectives Seminar 1
IDST 400 Career Internship 3
IDST 499 Capstone 3
Subtotal 10