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Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Communication is:  Moving your audience to your way of thinking.
In other words: Persuasion

The Truth: communications is the foundation of success in our world as it has been for centuries. What we do in school, in the community and in personal and business relationships all comes down to how we talk to each other, solve problems and reach for success.

Success comes from the spoken word, technical knowledge and ways to communicate with visuals and graphics.

Communications majors at Holy Cross College explore and develop tools to be persuasive, get their point across - to succeed in diverse situations.

Communications Minors include Graphic Design, Sports Management, Marketing and Communications. Majors often select minors in areas such as Business, Theology, Psychology and English as they define their career options.

Your Tools Include: Mass Communications, Public Speaking, Interpersonal and Organizational Communications, Intercultural, Graphics, video Production, Nonverbal and Strategic Business Communications. These building blocks are instruments to succeed.

Explore your career potential: Public Relations, Sports Marketing, Advertising, Writing for Media, Editing Theory, Journalism, Persuasion, Broadcasting and Media Ethics. Every business in today's world uses this type of information to succeed. Your knowledge in this area will help you make the grade in your career choices. Careers

Required Courses: Seven courses that are required: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications, Nonverbal Communications, Organizational Communications, Communication Theory and Research, Strategic Business Communications and Research in Communications. 

Electives: Every student at Holy Cross needs to take a Division III elective. For Communications majors Introduction to Psychology is required. Other electives include a Fine Arts core course where you can choose from 2-D Art, Digital Imaging, Web Design or Film as Art and Communications.

Students interested in Broadcasting may also elect to take an acting class which may prove to be beneficial in that particular career choice.

Internship: A mandatory internship in the junior or senior year helps prepare students for a variety of careers through a practical application of skills and theories in the real world.

College Requirements: In addition to the Internship, each student will also complete the core requirements by going on a Global Immersion trip to Brazil, Ghana, Peru, or India or Global Perspective Seminar, become involved in a service learning experiences, and complete their senior Capstone and eFolio.