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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Theology is "the brains of religion." (G.K. Chesterton) It seeks to understand the mystery of faith that has drawn people to God since the dawn of time. For Christians, it focuses on the person of Jesus Christ and his message as the key to understanding the meaning of life and the mission of the Church as the sign of God's kingdom on earth.

Thus, theology provides us with a special kind of wisdom which gives us a firm grasp of our place in the universe and direction on our life's journey. It enables us to live out the calling expressed by Holy Cross Founder, Blessed Basil Moreau, to make God known, loved and served.

Through the study of theology students can better serve God and others in all facets of their lives even if their career paths are not considered "ministry" in the strict sense of the term. It is a necessary starting point for all forms of Church ministry including teaching, social work, healthcare, or working with youth, the poor, the elderly or other forms of ministry in parish settings, missions, or schools.

At Holy Cross College, theology majors strive to become competent leaders who are prepared to live out their Baptismal promises guided by Gospel values. The theology courses offered at Holy Cross are arranged according to a format that reflects intellectual development from basics to a more specialized subject matter. The core of the program focuses on the classical theological method rooted in Scripture, Tradition, and Church teaching. Students, as well, step into the active world of ongoing theological conversation.