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Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts

Why study Visual Arts?

We live in a visual culture. Virtually every moment of every day, we are exposed to visual imagery. These images entertain us, inform us, persuade us, and allow us to connect to other times and to other people in new ways.

Images leap into our minds from the covers of our books, the pages of our magazines, and the screens of our game consoles, theatres, and televisions. They slip into our subconscious from the billboards we pass and the ads we see online. Every day, they are used to persuade and inform in business presentations and in scientific diagrams. They call to us from museums and galleries, promising to connect us to beauty and to the past. And they connect us to the present, to friends and family who share their digital photographs and videos using phones and web sites.

More than just pervasive, the visual arts are the preferred means of cross-cultural communication and an essential element of online and business communication Thus, visual communication skills are essential for tomorrow's workers in practically every profession. Learn more on the "Job Statistics for Visual Arts" page.

What are the program's goals?

The visual arts major is intended both to prepare future artists for graduate study and to provide students with the practical tools necessary for success in any related professional field. The program also provides valuable exposure to visual communication concepts and opportunities for creative expression to non-majors.

In particular, the major offers students the opportunity to accomplish the following goals: