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Business With Distinction

The Holy Cross College Business with Distinction program combines the real world pragmatism of a rigorous business education with the best from the Western tradition of the liberal arts.  This challenging program is designed to create a wholly educated person who can thrive in the competitive global economy, demonstrating competence, confidence, conscience, and compassion.

 The Business with Distinction program asserts the following basic tenets:

The program is intended to produce professionals who possess a sense of business as vocation, not just a source of income. As future leaders, students will understand that careers in business are not only about fulfilling personal needs, but that  business leaders develop a professional identity that enables them to create opportunities and benefits for employees, shareholders, communities, and nations.  In effect the Business with Distinction degree creates socially responsible businessmen and businesswomen who act not solely for their own individual good, but for the greater good as well.

By completing requirements of service learning, an internship, an international experience, and a demanding set of prescribed courses, the Business with Distinction graduate will exhibit the traits needed by business leaders in a constantly changing free-market economy:

Students to be served

The Business with Distinction program is intended to serve highly motivated students who are interested in pursuing graduate level studies in business, students planning to apply their degree to a profession related to or within the business sector, and students who are seeking a liberal arts degree that has an emphasis on the practical application of the liberal arts to the business world.