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Careers for History Majors

Popular Jobs for History Majors National Median Pay
High School Teacher $50,200
Paralegal / Legal Assistant $53,100
Intelligence Analyst $80,200
Insurance Claims Adjuster $56,200
Human Resources Manager $70,300
Receptionist $28,000
College/University Admissions Counselor $33,500
Legal Secretary $52,200
Data Analyst $57,200
Restaurant General Manager $56,600
Elementary School Teacher $46,500
Non-Profit Organization Executive Director $65,100
Inside Sales Representative $50,600
Non-Profit Organization Program Coordinator   
Operations Manager $72,500
Marketing Manager $73,100
Customer Service Representative $34,900
Retail Store Manager $49,800
Office Manager $42,200
Administrative Assistant $35,100


Methodology.  All data is limited to those with a Bachelor's degree and no higher degrees who work full-time in the United States. Jobs are listed in order of relative popularity amongst graduates with a Bachelor's degree in the given major from any college. Median salaries listed. See full methodology for more at