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English Course Requirements

Here are the courses above the core level required for English major:

Required Courses, Must take all of the following:

ENGL 102 or 110  English Composition II or Creative Writing
ENGL 325  Shakespeare

Required Literature Options, Must take 4 of the following:

ENGL 203  World Literature I
ENGL 204  World Literature II
ENGL 205  British Literature I
ENGL 206  British Literature II
ENGL 207  American Literature I
ENGL 208  American Literature II
ENGL 209  Irish/ British Commonwealth Literature
ENGL 210  Novel and Short Story
ENGL 265  Children's Literature

Required Multi-Cultural Literature, Must take 1 of the following:

ENGL 235  Latin American Literature
ENGL 310  Sub-Saharan African Literature

Required Upper Division Options, Must take 4 of the following

ENGL 335  Contemporary Irish Literature
ENGL 411  The American Novel I
ENGL 412  The American Novel II
ENGL 413  Contemporary American Novel

Major Total: 33 Credit Hours