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Gerontology Minor or Certificate

A minor in gerontology is compatible with any other major and is highly desirable in many careers. It is a study of the aging process with an examination of the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual changes that take place during the latter stages of life.

With falling birth rates, increasing life expectancy, and the aging of the baby boom generation, there will be a demand in many businesses for young people who have shown an interest in this population. The needs of an aging society intersect with healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, real estate, marketing, banking, social work, government, law ... nearly every facet of business and society.

Employers are desperately looking for young people who have education and experience in knowing how to work directly with this age group. A minor in gerontology may be the difference between your resume being overlooked or put on the top of the list.

Agreements between Holy Cross College and Holy Cross Village, a retirement community near the college, allows students in the gerontology program to learn in an active, experience-driven program.

Required Courses--all of the following:

GERO 185 Growing & Developing the Adult Life Span 3
GERO 215 Social Gerontology 3
GERO 270 Spirituality of Aging 3

Gerontology Electives choose three of the following:

GERO 350 Aging in Communities  3 
GERO 360 Aging and the Family  3 
GERO 370 Death, Dying and Bereavement   3
GERO 380 Nutrition, Health and Aging   3
GERO 385 Race, Ethnicity and Aging   3
GERO 450 Health Care Management/Elderly and the Law   3 

Minor Total 18 Credit Hours

Two Year Layout for Courses

Fall 2011
GERO 270 - core
GERO 350 - elective

Spring 2012
GERO 370 - elective
GERO 360 - elective

Summer 2012
GERO 185 - core

Fall 2012
GERO 215 - core
GERO 385 - elective

Spring 2013
GERO 270 - core
GERO 450 - elective

Summer 2013
GERO 380 - elective