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Psychology BA Careers

The psychology major prepares students for a wide range of pursuits after graduation. Graduates may find psychologically related jobs in areas such as mental health, human resources and children's and family services. Students may choose to pursue graduate level study, including the following areas:
Graduates have also pursued advanced degrees in education, social work and nursing; some have also gone on to medical school and law school.

Additionally, an undergraduate degree in psychology is very valuable in many other career paths, because psychology students are trained in critical thinking, observation, and the complexities of human behavior. Opportunities are limited only by the individuals willingness to explore their options, and their interests.

Following are several examples of career options for bachelor-level psychology graduates:

 Popular Jobs for Psychology Majors

jobs for psychology majors jobs for psychology majors
Jobs ranked by popularity among graduates. Annual pay for Bachelors graduates without higher degrees from all colleges. See full methodology for more.