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Theology Minor Requirements

Required Course:
THEO 140 Introduction to Theology 3

200-Level Theology Electives. Must take three of the following:

THEO 210 Introduction to Scripture
THEO 220 Church History
THEO 240 Theological Anthropology
THEO 241 The Church
THEO 250 Introduction to Moral Theology
THEO 270 Spirituality and Aging
THEO 280 Directed Reading in Theology
THEO 290 Seminar: Topics Vary
THEO 291 Lives of the Saints

Upper-Level Theology Electives Must take two of the following:

THEO 310 Old Testament
THEO 311 New Testament
THEO 321 American Catholic Church
THEO 325 Rome Through the Ages: History, Art and Culture of the Eternal City
THEO 330 Sacraments
THEO 340 Christ and the Trinity
THEO 341 Christ, the Church, and the Modern World
THEO 345 Creation & Evolution (Co-requisite of SCIE 345)
THEO 351 Catholic Social Teaching
THEO 360 World Religions
THEO 380 Directed Reading in Theology
THEO 420 Vatican II
THEO 430 Eucharist
THEO 441 The Christian Vocation in the Twenty-First Century World
THEO 442 Women in the Church
THEO 470 Christian Spirituality
THEO 480 Directed Reading in Theology
THEO 490 Seminar: Topics Vary
THEO 494 Research Methods and Writing Project

Theology Minor Total Credit Hours:  18