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Bursar's Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Bursar"?

The Bursar is the Business Office liaison for all matters related to student account information, tuition payments, and tuition refund processing.

What is my "Preliminary Semester Bill"?

This is an estimate of the amount you will owe for the semester.  It will outline any payments you have made, less any known financial aid you will be receiving. Your bill may change, for example, if your financial aid amounts change, if you add or drop courses, if you have not yet been assigned housing, etc.).

To view your "Preliminary Semester Bill" for the semester, the student will need to sign into the HCC Student Portal. Under the Account Settings tab, the "semester settings" should be changed to the semester you wish to view.  Next, under the Business Office tab, there will be a link to the "Preliminary Semester Bill" where you may view your estimated account statement.

Have you received my deposits?

Any deposit credit will appear as Current Balance on the "Account Statement Estimated" tab.

When is my payment due?

Payment is due in full by August 1st for the Fall semester and January 1st for the Spring semester. A Bursar's late fee of $250.00 will be charged for payments received after the posted due dates.

Can students charge textbooks to their student accounts?

Yes, if a student has a credit balance on their account, or if a credit balance is anticipated from financial aid awards, the student may ask for a textbook voucher from financial aid.

Is the Preliminary Semester Bill for the whole year or for one semester?

The Preliminary Semester Bill shows one semester at a time.

What is the Comprehensive Student Fee?

The Comprehensive Student Fee of $475 per semester simply combines the charges for Parking, Technology, Registration, Student Activity, and other Administrative fees.

What is the difference between Housing Deposit & Damage Deposit?

The Housing Deposit is required to hold a room for you for the upcoming semester. This deposit is credited to your billing statement for that semester. The Damage Deposit will be charged at the same time your housing costs are charged to your Student Account. When your room check-out is completed at the end of the semester, the Damage Deposit will be credited to your account less any charges.

Does Housing include a meal plan and if so, how many?

Yes. 19 meals per week for the traditional housing and 14 meals per week for the apartment-style housing.

Can we choose different meal plan options?

The college has selected these plans based on the housing unit the student is in and the typical meal patterns for those residences.

Where do I go to secure "on campus" employment?

There is a page on Moodle dedicated to campus jobs that explains all opportunities for on campus employment.

When are refunds processed from Financial Aid?

An e-mail will be sent about two weeks after refunds are received notifying students when checks are available for pick up. Refund checks are available for pick up in the business office. Please note that not all students will receive financial aid refunds.

Where can I get the 1098T form for federal taxes?

A 1098T form is available on your student portal account in January of each year.