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Freshman Applicants

Freshman Applicants

Preparing for Success at Holy Cross


What classes should I take at my high school to prepare myself for a bachelors degree at Holy Cross College? Your future doesn't start when you leave high school. It starts right now. To make your transition into college easier, we recommend you take the college preparatory curriculum offered at your high school. This typically consists of:

4 years of English
3 years of mathematics (including algebra and geometry)
3 years of science (including 2 years of labs sciences)
3 years of social sciences
Multiple years of the same foreign language are strongly recommended.

Students who have taken AP, IB, and dual-credit courses may be eligible for Holy Cross credit. Learn more by reading our Academic Catalog.

Freshman Applicants -- Apply Now

Current high school students or first time college attendees

Applications for Fall Semester 2014 can now be submitted. We will begin reviewing applications on October 1. We then continue to accept applications on a rolling basis.

As an incoming freshman, we'd like to get to know you.  Below are the items we will need to determine if you are a good fit for Holy Cross College:

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