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Alumni Community

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Holy Cross Alumni!

Whether you came to the College for a year, two, or four, Holy Cross was a transformative experience. This has always been a place where a mentor, like our founder, Br. John Driscoll, could put his arm around a student's shoulder and motivate him or her to accomplish more than they imagined possible.

Today our alumni are leaders in business, law, medicine, education, and many other professions.
Some came to us to discern their life's work after stellar high school careers, others arrived with dreams of high achievement but less to show for it in their past. While still others had experiences at big universities that left them unfulfilled and unsatisfied with their academic progress.

All our alumni share one thing in common, they experienced a personal relationship and individual attention given freely by our caring professors, both lay and religious. And for many, this was the "spark" they needed to "light the fire"" of even higher academic and career achievement.