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Help Us Grow

Help Us Grow

Annual Fund

Annual unrestricted gifts from alumni, parents and friends impact the entire Holy Cross College community, providing funds for scholarships, athletics, academic programs, facility enhancements and the institution’s operating budget. The College fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year. Those who give to the Brother John Driscoll Society, the Cross and Anchors Club or the Saints Club will be recognized in the College’s annual report according to membership level, unless a gift is specified as anonymous.  

Please contact the Development Office if you are interested in contributing to these causes.



Named Expendable Scholarships

Representing gifts of $25,000 or more. The gift is granted to the student selected who best meets the criteria outlined by the donor.

Named Endowed Scholarships

Established by gifts or pledges in the amount of $75,000 or more. Donors determine the criteria for the scholarships, and the interest earned is awarded annually to the student selected who best meets these requirements.

Giving in Memory of a Loved One

Gifts of all amounts may be made in memory of deceased family members, friends, professors, or in honor of those whom you wish to acknowledge who are still living. Gifts of this sort are possible at all levels – from benches and landscaping to classrooms and buildings. Each makes a difference and is deeply appreciated.

Centers for Excellence

Centers for Excellence

Lilly Center for Discernment and Preparation

The Center for Discernment and Preparation directly serves our students by helping them discern their ultimate life objectives and how to prepare themselves to lead fulfilling lives.  As part of the discernment and preparation process, this center coordinates job internships, career development, participation in service learning experiences, preparation for graduate school and job placement.

Center for Global Perspectives

Overseas travel is not a new concept in education. The Holy Cross College International Experience is, however, a new way of incorporating overseas travel into education.  Students meet their international experience requirement by taking a course which ends with travel to one of four sites: Ghana, Peru, Mexico or India.  While on location, students stay at Holy Cross retreat centers and each day experience life in these developing countries, and what an amazing life it is.

Center for Educational Outreach

The Center for Educational Outreach offers gerontology seminars, conferences, continuing education opportunities, for students and professionals, and classes and an academic Minor in Gerontology for students.  Gerontology education increases a person's competitiveness for any career position or advancement by demonstrating their knowledge, experience, and ease in working with society's dominant population - the older adult.