Career Development Center

Logan Montague

Interned with the South Bend’s Office of the Mayor, South Bend IN

cdc-montague“My time interning at the Mayor’s Office for the City of South Bend has been an experience well worth my time. My creative side really got to show through on my Snapchat project. Designing Snapchat filters and implementing them was an amazing learning experience. I helped the city of South Bend gain 500 new Instagram followers, which ultimately will bring more people into the city and help get the word out about all of the awesome events going on in the city. The project that made me see life from a new perspective was the South Bend Youth Task Force. I loved doing research and coming up with solutions for South Bend because it was meaningful work that will have a positive impact on the residents of South Bend. This summer, I not only learned about the city of South Bend, but I also learned more about myself, my interests, and got more of a grasp of what I would actually like to do after graduating from Holy Cross.”

Michelle Roy

Interned with the Little Sisters of the Poor, Mobile AL

cdc-roy“My internship with The Little Sisters of the Poor allowed me to grow in my faith and provided to me the experience of working intimately in geriatric care. I was not expecting to learn so much about life, about relationships, about being self-gift, and about the absolute beauty and value of life. I discovered that not only do I immensely enjoy the company of the elderly but I also found that I possess a special gift of being in relationship with the elderly. I learned to see beyond a person’s withering or declining mental capabilities and to cherish what makes them a unique and individual person. I find joy in talking with the elderly, listening to them, participating in activities with them, laughing with them and in caring for them. This internship both helped me to put into practice the ideas and knowledge I have learned in the classroom but also allowed me to realize my love for working intimately with the poor elderly. I was able to foster the skill of communicating well with [them] and developed a greater appreciation for all they have to offer to the world.”

Jonathan Hake

Microbiology Lab Intern at Marian University, Indianapolis IN

cdc-hake“My internship for the summer of 2015 was in the biology laboratory at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine… [where] I performed microbiology and infectious disease laboratory techniques and experiments. My overall study was to see how varying concentrations of zinc affect the growth rate of different bacteria and what is capable of reversing the inhibition. [T]his internship was very important to my career goals and aspiration. It gave [me] the insight on the journey I need to take to become a doctor [and it allowed] me to learn from those who are further down the same path. My internship gave me the upper-hand on other competitors when it comes time to apply for medical school. I will have the experience of laboratory research which may make me stick out in the crowd of applicants. I am thankful for the opportunity to take another step in achieving my goal of becoming a doctor to help better the world.”

Marissa Ross

Sales Associate/Marketing Intern at Glam Boutique, Warsaw IN

cdc-ross“The boutique owner herself taught me all the ins and outs on how to run a boutique. She inspired me and was a small part in the many steps I am taking to figure out my path on how I want to spend the rest of my life. [When] lines of clothes would come to her store, I would get to sit in on a buy in with her. I sat through a number of fashion-line presentations to determine what we would buy. We had to consider if the quality [of the product] was good enough, if the fit would work for more than one shape of body, and if we could sell 6 to 12 of them within two months. I also helped make decisions for this coming winter and selected some newer items that she is going to try. [The owner] is going to do a fur. I told her that is a new style that people are really looking for. I also helped her get her online business going. [Working at Glam] has [helped me] gain skills and knowledge… and grow not only as a business woman but as a better person.”