Center for Educational Outreach

About the Center for Educational Outreach

Utilizing education as its focal point, the center aims to promote the Catholic values of social justice and dignity by conducting outreach through a variety of programs. Our initiatives function with the core belief that our Catholic mission challenges us to serve those on the margins. It is in responding to this challenge that we live our Catholic mission and instigate positive change in our society.

27 September 2015
Pope Francis’ speech to prisoners at Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility
Thanking inmates for allowing him the opportunity to share a piece of their time, Pope Francis gives a talk at correctional facility. He uses the Gospel scene of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet to encourage inmates to see that they, too, are invited to the table of life. He also highlights, both, the pains of having a prison system that does not care for soothing the wounds of inmates and the pains of a society that fails to recognize the inmate’s uncleanliness is also that of society. READ MORE

16 February 2016
A College Education for Prisoners
New York State Bar Association asks that colleges in New York refrain from using criminal information in their admissions process. Otherwise, college education is further inhibited for former prisoners.



San Juan Diego Scholars Program

san juan diego scholarship programAs an apostolate of the Brothers of Holy Cross, Holy Cross College strives to welcome and support qualified DACA youth to pursue a Catholic college education. Our Holy Cross and Catholic values promote social justice and the dignity of each person. DACA qualified youth are firmly established into the fabric of our community and deserve opportunities to develop their abilities the fullest extent. These youth typically bring bi-cultural and bi-lingual understandings that are an important asset to serving various needs in our society. Importantly, our approach in welcoming DACA-qualified youth is in full alignment with that of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) with regards to advocacy for immigrants in the United States. Holy Cross College invites DACA-eligible students to apply for the San Juan Diego Scholars program. Recipients attain a scholarship that covers the majority of their college tuition for up to four years. Scholars are expected to maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher each academic year and provide 13 hours of service each week throughout the academic year. To learn more about the scholarship and eligibility requirements visit our Financial Aid webpage.

Michiana Gerontology Institute

michiana gerontology instituteThe Michiana Gerontology Institute (MGI) of Holy Cross College provides outreach and educational opportunities community and working professionals serving older adults. Through its extensive network of organizations the institute aims to facilitate the involvement, integration and coordination of organizations and individuals that service older adults in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan (Michiana). Visit the MGI website to learn more.

Westville Education Initiative

westville education initiativeWestville Educational Initiative (WEI) is a collaboration between Holy Cross College, the University of Notre Dame, Bard Prison Initiative, and the Indiana Department of Corrections. WEI is a college program located at the Westville Correctional Facility that enrolls incarcerated men, creating an opportunity for these students to earn a college degree while serving their sentences. WEI students join a burgeoning program at Westville Correctional Facility and innumerable students around the world who are engaged in challenging studies of the liberal arts. The initiative seeks to provide both a rigorous academic program and a supportive environment for the exchange of ideas. Holy Cross College and the University of Notre Dame are committed to the liberal arts and to increasing their practical impact on the world. Click here to learn more.


Brother Jesus Alonso, CSC, Ph.D. – Director

brother jesus alonso csc phd

Brother Jesus Alonso is a faculty member in the Science and Math Division and Director of the Center for Educational Outreach at Holy Cross College. As a religious of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Brother Jesus has served as Assistant Vocation Director and on numerous provincial as well as international committees for the order. As a member of the faculty and administrative bodies of Holy Cross College, he is responsible for curriculum development in the biological sciences and coordinates the numerous outreach projects for the center. Brother Jesus Alonso earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from St. Edward’s University in 2001. After becoming an official member of the Congregation of Holy Cross in 2003, he worked as a Math and Computer Applications instructor at San Juan Diego Catholic High School in Austin, TX, serving there until 2005. He began his graduate studies at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in 2006 and earned his doctoral degree in Microbiology and Immunology in 2013.

Office: Vincent 177
Telephone: 574-239-8366

Alesha Seroczynski, Ph.D. – Director of College Operations, WEI

alesha seroczynski phd

In addition to her position at Holy Cross College, Alesha Seroczynski is a Faculty Affiliate with the William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families at the University of Notre Dame. She moved into this position after five years in administration, most recently as Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at Bethel College, Indiana. Alesha has published and presented at several international venues, including the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Psychiatry Research, Journal of Research in Character Education, the Association for Moral Education, the Association for General and Liberal Studies, and the Jubilee Center for Character and Virtues. Her graduate training in developmental and counseling psychology included clinical work with ADHD and aggressive adolescents; and long-standing literary, philosophical and theological interests led Alesha to pursue some post-graduate study of several great thinkers. Alesha integrated the ideas of ancient and contemporary scholars into Reading for Life, an innovative program for juvenile offenders that utilizes small group mentoring, Aristotelian virtue theory, and great stories to inspire at-risk youth to make better life choices. In 2010, she won a two-year fellowship as a University of Chicago-sponsored virtue scholar in their Arête Initiative (see, where she participated in several think-tanks with twenty other international scholars on the development and application of virtue theory to promote human flourishing. This award laid the foundation for a critical evaluation of Reading for Life (, which has since grown to be St. Joseph County’s largest and most successful diversion program for juvenile offenders. Alesha earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas, her M.A. in Counseling Psychology (1994) and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (1999) from the University of Notre Dame.

Office: Vincent 107
Telephone: 574-239-8415

Patricia Adams – MGI Project Coordinator

patricia adams

Patricia Adams has worked in community outreach since arriving at Holy Cross College in 2000.  Beginning in 2002, Brother Richard Gilman, CSC, PhD, the president of Holy Cross College, initiated outreach to the professional health care community in the area of gerontology education. These efforts lead to a nuclear group of organizations that founded the Gerontology Consortium of Michiana.  Pat has assisted in facilitating the consortium ever since.  Throughout this time, over 100 organizations have joined as members.  Now due to the size of the organization, the consortium has become the Michiana Gerontology Institute of Michiana of Holy Cross College.  Pat’s current duties include facilitating the annual conference and serving as the co-chair of the Board of Advisors for the institute.  Pat’s previous professional experience includes working as a paralegal in the city of South Bend for two years as well as a juvenile probation officer for the county of Elkhart for an additional two year period. Pat also directed the federal the implementation of the Talent Search grant at Southwestern Michigan College for eight years. Pat has a MSA degree in Education from the University of Notre Dame, an BA degree from Indiana University in South Bend, a paralegal degree from Southwestern Michigan College. 

Office: Vincent 125
Telephone: 574-239-8364