Health Insurance

Adequate health insurance is required of all students. Holy Cross College has partnered with United Healthcare to provide an affordable insurance plan. Therefore, all students will see the annual cost of the health insurance of 1,692.00 included in their initial student bill as part of the cost of attendance. Students who already have adequate health insurance must fill out the online waiver form to opt out of this coverage, and once completed this charge will be removed from his/her student account. The deadline by which this action must be completed is August 1st.

CLICK HERE to find the waiver and all the information about the health insurance offered by United Healthcare.

Students who do not opt out of the coverage by the deadline will automatically be enrolled into the “Holy Cross College of Notre Dame Student Health Insurance Plan” for a full twelve-month period and will be responsible for paying the $1,692.00 for the annual health insurance premium.

To opt out of this coverage, students must show proof of valid insurance coverage and fill out the online waiver. Following the submission of a valid waiver form, and upon determining that the student’s existing coverage is adequate, the charge for health insurance will be removed from the student’s account.

Please note that to be considered “adequate,” the student’s plan must be based in the United States, be fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA/PPACA), and offer access to emergency and non-emergency services in and around the South Bend, IN area. As a religious institution, we have arranged for our plan to contain a religious exemption allowing it to support our Catholic faith tradition.

If you have questions about health insurance and need assistance in enrolling in a separate plan, Saint Joseph Health System Health Insurance Services provides our community with three convenient resource centers staffed with licensed insurance specialists where individuals and families can learn about and enroll in health insurance plans. Call them at 1.855.88.SJMED (1-855-887-5633) to make an appointment or email at There is no fee for their services.