International Students

Holy Cross College welcomes the diversity and richness that international students contribute to the campus. Last year we accepted students from many countries including Brazil, Vietnam, Uganda, Iraq and England.

Our small size and personalized approach to higher education provides the ideal environment for students from other countries and cultures who wish to pursue high-quality undergraduate collegiate studies in the United States.

International students must complete their application to Holy Cross College by June 15* for fall semester enrollment or by November 15* for spring semester enrollment, providing all supporting documentation to the Admission office by that date.

* Applicants from Canada and Mexico may submit documentation through July 1 for fall semester and through December 1 for spring semester.



To apply for admission to Holy Cross College please complete and submit the following:

  1. An application
    1. First Year Applicants: The Common Application or The Holy Cross Application for Admission
    2. Transfer Applicants: The Common Application or The Holy Cross Application for Transfer Admission

      Note: after completing the first page of the Holy Cross Application for Admission, you will receive an automated email with a PIN and login information. If you need to stop and return to your application at a later time, use the login information provided in that email. Once you review and submit your application, you will no longer be able to login to your form.

  2. An official transcript or record of secondary school and/or post-secondary academic work. All transcripts and records must be accompanied by certified English translations when applicable. You may be required to submit an evaluation report through WES or AACRAO.
  3. Test scores
    • Official results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) ( Minimum TOEFL score of 530 on the paper exam or 71 on the internet-based exam. The International English Language Testing System Exam (IELTS) is also accepted with a score of 6.0.
    • Official results of an ACT or SAT
      • Please note the Holy Cross Institution Codes:
        • ACT code is 1203
        • SAT code is 1309
      • Holy Cross College superscores the SAT and the ACT if multiple tests are submitted
      • Holy Cross College accepts SAT and ACT scores that are reported on an official high school transcript
  4. International transfer applicants must also submit a completed College Report.

If you wish consideration of unique circumstances, you are encouraged to provide a personal statement detailing your situation, including relevant information. You may submit your statement via email at

The College is required by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service to determine that you have sufficient financial resources to cover all of your expenses while you are in the United States. Once you are admitted, you will need to provide the following before we can issue an I-20 in order for you to apply for your F-1 Visa:

  1. A completed and signed Financial Guarantee Statement with supporting official documentation verifying that you possess sufficient financial resources to cover your cost of attendance (tuition and fees, living expenses, textbooks) at Holy Cross College for one year. Official verification documentation cannot be more than six months old. Students applying for the fall semester 2018 must have documentation of $45,744 (U.S. Dollars) in the Specific Source of Funds section on the Financial Guarantee Statement before an I-20 can be issued.
  2. A copy of the photo identification page of your passport as required by the Department of Homeland Security.

Additionally, international transfer students already studying within the United States on a F-1 must complete and submit a signed F-1 Transfer Recommendation Form by a school official of the currently attended college or university.

In collaboration with Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame, Indiana, Holy Cross now proudly offers international students who do not meet the minimal TOEFL requirements an opportunity to attend the Saint Mary’s English Language School for non-native speakers ranging from beginner to advanced level. Students selected will reside at Holy Cross and attend the program that focuses on preparing students for U.S. higher education. Each day there is a five-hour course load with classes in English reading, writing, listening and speaking. Modern Language laboratories are available for additional practice. Extracurricular cultural immersion activities, like field trips to Chicago, are available. Additional information can be provided by visiting the program website at Saint Mary’s College English Language School.

Admitted students entering the U.S. on an F-1 Student Visa

If you are currently residing in your country of citizenship, we will mail your I-20 form via private carrier along with your acceptance letter and packet. You must then make an appointment with the nearest United States Embassy to apply for your F-1 Student Visa. This link will provide helpful information about applying for your visa.

Important scholarship information for international applicants

Scholarship funds for international students are extremely limited. International applicants for admission must therefore be prepared to pay for all or nearly all of their educational and living expenses. Review of financial resources is part of the admission decision for all international applicants and no admission decision will be made without complete financial documentation.

Other important information for international applicants and admitted students

  • Holy Cross College cannot under any circumstance issue an I-20 to a student until the student has been formally admitted to the College and proof of sufficient funds has been provided.
  • We are only authorized to enroll international students with a visa classification of F-1.
  • International students are required to maintain full-time status (12 or more credit hours) unless given permission by our Designated School Official (DSO) to drop below 12 credit hours.
  • When an international student plans to exit the United States for any reason while enrolled at Holy Cross (i.e. to return home for breaks, holidays, summer vacation, etc.), our Designated School Official must sign and date the 1-20 before departure. Otherwise, the student is likely to encounter difficulty with U.S. officials upon reentering the country.
  • As a general rule, international students are not allowed to work off-campus.

International Student Insurance

International students are required to purchase a U.S. based plan, if they do not already have one. Most health care plans provided by other countries do not extend to the United States. Holy Cross College requires all international students to prove that their plan covers them in the United States and meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Those who don’t must enroll in the school-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, which is underwritten by United Healthcare and meets the US requirements for international students.

International students will see the annual cost of insurance on their tuition statement, which must be paid by August 1. For students under the age of 24, the cost will be $1,692.00 for the 2018-2019 school year. The cost will be higher for students older than 24 years of age. Coverage will begin on August 1 and end on July 31. This coverage is available anywhere in the U.S., and globally outside of the student’s home country. In addition to providing comprehensive medical benefits, this plan also provides travel assistance services, including medical evacuation and repatriation, and access to telehealth services. Since all international students are required to be enrolled in this plan, no additional health insurance needs to be purchased for the student’s time at Holy Cross College.

This charge will be automatically added to the fall tuition bill. If you believe you are covered by a U.S. health insurance company, please contact Tom DeHorn, director of counseling and health no later than July 20 at (574) 239-8383, or email him at

International students will receive an email from United Healthcare after July 21, which will instruct them on how to retrieve your online ID card and access plan materials. For assistance finding a doctor or other facility, or have questions about benefits, customer service will also be available through United Healthcare.

More information about the coverage is available by reading the Holy Cross College ISS Insurance- Silver Plan

Please direct any and all inquiries regarding this message to Tom DeHorn, at (574) 239-8383 or at