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Holy Cross College Named A College of Distinction

Holy Cross College Named A College of Distinction

NOTRE DAME, IN  (September 5, 2012) - Holy Cross College has been named to the 2012 - 2013 list of Colleges of Distinction.  The list is created as a guide by college education professionals to recognize excellent schools.  Institutions deemed the best places to learn, to grow, and to succeed make the list.  Instead of looking for the richest or the most famous schools, Colleges of Distinction considers aspects that really matter about a college:  the success of its graduates, the quality of its teaching, and the atmosphere of its campus, to name a few.

Schools that take a holistic approach to admissions decisions, that consistently excel in providing undergraduate education, and that have a truly national reputation typically make the list.  Both the prominent names and the "hidden gems" on the list share excellent reputations among high school guidance counselors and education professionals, not to mention employers and graduate schools.  The classrooms of Colleges of Distinction are among the most exciting in the country; their programs are some of the most innovative.

Colleges of Distinction, such as Holy Cross College, are institutions strongly focused on the relationship-based teaching of undergraduates.  From the beginning, students are taught by real professors, not by graduate students or teaching assistants.  Within vibrant classrooms, the faculty actually know their students by name -- and keep them challenged and interested.  Holy Cross College encourages faculty to be great teachers, not just researchers or consultants.  Classes are kept small so that students are always people, never numbers, to their professors. 

Colleges of Distinction offer a wide variety of innovative learning experiences where students are viewed more than just majors or GPAs, and learning is more than just attending classes. From traveling and studying abroad, to service learning and internships, these schools sponsor many exciting hands-on programs that open up new ideas, new worlds, and new opportunities.

To qualify for distinction, colleges must satisfy a healthy range of both academic and non-academic interests, as well as offer an active campus with many opportunities for personal development.  Holy Cross College's interesting and exciting residential community offers many opportunities for co-curricular involvement and leadership development in areas such as athletics, drama, hobbies, music, politics, religious life, and service.  Students are allowed to explore every area of interest, and actually encouraged to pursue their passion.

A College of Distinction is a school highly valued by graduate schools and employers for its outstanding preparation.  Whether students plan to continue their education in pursuit of a master's or doctorate degree, or just a great job that interests them, schools such as Holy Cross College have a long track record of successful graduates.  Furthermore, alumni of these institutions rank themselves as extremely satisfied with their college experiences and tend to stay involved in the school long after graduation.

For more information on Colleges of Distinction visit www.collegesofdistinction.com.

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Holy Cross College is a Catholic, four-year, co-educational, liberal arts institution founded in 1966 by the Brothers of Holy Cross.  With a 13:1 faculty/student ratio, students find personal attention from professors who care about their success and development in mind, body, and spirit. The Four Pillars of the core curriculum include a professional internship, service to others, a global perspective experience, and a senior Capstone presentation which summarizes and synthesizes each student's learning. Located in Notre Dame, Indiana, Holy Cross College provides the best of both worlds: a close-knit, small college atmosphere with the resources and social opportunities of a large university.