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Dean of Students published!

Dean of Students published!


Dr. Kelly Jordan, Holy Cross College Dean of Students, recently had two articles published in a major new encyclopedia. 


Jordan wrote the entry for "Military Science" in the Encyclopedia of Military Science, released recently by SAGE Publications.  His entry serves as an overview and foundation for the entire four-volume work.  Jordan's article provides the most comprehensive scholarly treatment of Military Science as an academic field of study yet written in America, and it breaks new ground academically by providing the only rigorous scholarly treatment of the etymology of the term in existence, superseding even the renowned Oxford English Dictionary (OED), considered to be the world's most comprehensive and accurate etymological reference. 


The encyclopedia's primary editor references Jordan's contribution in the work's introduction, and both editors praised his work as ground-breaking and as making a major academic contribution to the conception of Military Science and to the understanding of it as a legitimate academic field of study. 


Jordan's other entry in the encyclopedia on the contributions and significance of Military Historian S.L.A. Marshall was identified by the editors as a model of scholarly prose and used as the standard against which the contributions from all other authors were compared. 


According to encyclopedia co-editor Dr. Houston Johnson, Jordan's "entries played a key role in the project," and his contributions have been of great significance in having the work earn positive initial recognition within the academic community as well as consideration for a prestigious national award. 


Prior to Holy Cross College, Jordan served for over 21 years in the US Army, where he participated in multiple deployments around the world in training, combat, and humanitarian relief operations.  He was decorated for heroism in ground combat for saving the lives of almost 40 Iraqi soldiers.  He spent much of his time on active duty teaching Military History and leadership, serving on the faculties of the United States Military Academy at West Point, the US Army Command and General Staff College, the University of Notre Dame, the US Navy War College, the American Military University, and the Culver Academies. 


Dr. T.S. Holland, Holy Cross College Executive Vice President and Provost comments, "As a prolific scholar and as a proven leader Dr. Jordan is the quintessential scholar-practitioner. We are proud and privileged to have a professional with his level of expertise on the staff at Holy Cross."


Jordan's "Saintly" work is helping put Holy Cross College on the academic map at the highest levels.


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