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Delta Epsilon Sigma honor society inducts 18

Delta Epsilon Sigma honor society inducts 18


Holy Cross College is proud to announce the induction of 18 new members to the Delta Epsilon Sigma (DES) National Scholastic Honor Society.


DES is an honor society for students, faculty, and alumni of colleges and universities with a Catholic tradition.  The organization was started at the suggestion of Reverend E. A. Fitzgerald, Dean of Studies at Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, who in October of 1938 surveyed Catholic colleges and universities concerning their interest in initiating such a society.


Inductees of Holy Cross College's Epsilon Delta Chapter are required to have completed at least one half of the credit requirements for their bachelor's degree and rank in the top twenty percent of their class in scholarship.


During the October 10th induction ceremony, new members recited their oath in front of family and friends, obtained their DES pins, and received a presentation on "African Voices in Contemporary Literature" from Holy Cross College's newly inducted Professor of English, Dr. John Raymer. 


In addition to Dr. John Raymer, other 2013 inductees, included the following:


Lavarr Barnett of Granger, IN           

Zachary Best of South Bend, IN       

Ally Clendineng of South Bend, IN 

Nicholas DeDario of Elkhart, IN       

Glen Ditz of Niles, MI           

Claire Doriot of Syracuse, IN 

Mary Fitzgerald of Livonia, MI         

William Fredrickson of Vincennes, IN          

Heather Hawks of Elkhart, IN

Esther Hostetler of Wakarusa, IN

Vincent Lynch of Indianapolis, IN

Teresa Querciagrossa of Apple Valley, CA

Steven Rael-Flores of Pueblo, CO

Norma Reyes of South Bend, IN

Elizabeth Rosas of Plymouth, IN

Amanda Taveira of Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

Leah Trattles of Holland, MI


Delta Epsilon Sigma affirms: "In a democratic society wherein persons of like pursuits, abilities, interests, or convictions freely band themselves together for mutual support and encouragement, it is fitting that there be a national association constituted of selected individuals who have a record of outstanding scholastic accomplishment and who have promoted intellectual life. . . . you fulfill the requirements for membership in this national group of men and women whose motto, signified by the letters Delta Epsilon Sigma, may be taken to mean: 'It is the mission of a wise person to put things in order.'"


There are over one hundred schools of higher learning nationwide that have established chapters of Delta Epsilon Sigma.


Find information on Holy Cross College by visiting: www.hcc-nd.edu.   



Front row, left to right:  William Fredrickson, Lavarr Barnett, Leah Trattles, Norma Reyes, Elizabeth Rosas, Amanda Taveira, Heather Hawks,

Back row, left to right:  Zachary Best, Nicholas DeDario, Glen Ditz, Ally Clendineng, Mary Fitzgerald, Claire Doriot, Steven Rael-Flores, Esther Hostetler, Teresa Querciagrossa, 

Not pictured:  Vincent Lynch