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Michael Schmaltz named new Director of Financial Aid

Michael Schmaltz named new Director of Financial Aid


Holy Cross College officials have recently named  Michael Schmaltz as its new Director of Financial Aid.


Throughout his professional career, Michael's passion has been that of helping students succeed in their educational goals.  By taking up the calling of financial aid in higher education, Schmaltz is able to do exactly that - directly making a positive impact on the lives of students who may not have otherwise been able to afford college.


In his new position as Director at Holy Cross, Schmaltz's 12-plus years of work in all facets of finance with Ancilla College (Donaldson, IN) and ITT Technical Institute (South Bend, IN) have prepared him to manage the administration of increasingly complex federal, state, and institutional aid programs.  Mr. Schmaltz brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the college's financial aid office, while he skillfully relates to students, parents, co-workers, and colleagues around the college, making him a very valuable asset in the financial aid department.


The role financial aid and its services play are constantly evolving.  Michael Schmaltz will work toward strengthening this crucial resource at Holy Cross College. 


Michael indicated that he is in a position he's excited to undertake.  He looks forward to continuing the good work accomplished during [former Financial Aid Director] Shelly Barnes' tenure and leading a team that wishes to build upon that success.  "I want every individual who has the potential and qualifications to succeed in higher education to be given the opportunity to participate, whatever their family or economic background," states Schmaltz.


Holy Cross College leaders are also happy to have Schmaltz on board.  "His previous work experience as a financial aid professional, combined with his enthusiasm, positive outlook, and genuine desire to help students and families make Michael a perfect fit for Holy Cross.  The world of financial aid is a very challenging and complicated one, and we are very fortunate to have Michael leading an excellent financial aid staff," says Brian Studebaker, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management.


Michael comes to Holy Cross College from Ancilla College and ITT Technical Institute, where he was the Director of Financial Aid.  Mr. Schmaltz earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Davenport University.  He is currently pursuing his M.B.A. from Davenport University.


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