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HC is one of 8 colleges with 100% internship participation

HC is one of 8 colleges with 100% internship participation


On October 23, 2013, the magazine U.S. News & World Report issued a list taken from the data it collected about 1,800 colleges and universities. This data indicated that Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN was one of only eight colleges and universities in the nation whose graduates all completed a professional internship. Consistently over the past several years, 100% of the students graduating from Holy Cross College have completed an internship. 


"All of our students complete an internship, not just because the experience benefits individual students, but because higher education has a duty to contribute to what Ernest Boyer calls 'the larger purposes of society,'" states Holy Cross College Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. T.S. Holland. 


"It is an expression of our Holy Cross mission to work closely with businesses, civic organizations, service providers, and other non-campus entities, particularly at the local level, in order to improve the community.  In fact, the idea of community engagement is rooted in the history and traditions of Holy Cross College and its founders, the Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross, who established the college in 1966.  While the idea of internships as part of the college experience has become rather fashionable, for Holy Cross internships are also one of the important ways by which we hold to to the tradition of being both in and for the community," Holland goes on to say.


The Professional Internship is a key component of Holy Cross College's distinguished Four Pillars and Senior Capstone requirement for achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree.  The four pillars transform a student who is ready to succeed in their chosen profession or vocation, into a valuable asset to the community.  The four pillars include the Professional Internship as well as  Service Learning, where students serve the local community, Global Perspective, where students learn about the culture of another land, and the Classroom Experience, where they engage in rigorous courses that challenge the mind and excite the spirit.  The Senior Capstone allows students to reflect upon and synthesize their Holy Cross educational experience and present it publicly to their professors, fellow students, family members, friends, and outside evaluators.   


Jeff Penney, Director of Marketing at Holy Cross College comments, "We are very proud to make this internship list as it verifies that we are on task with our institution's mission."  He goes on to say, "This is one of the key reasons our fall 2013 enrollment has increased 18% in a flat economy;  we deliver return on investment." 


Completion of all four of the pillars is a requirement for graduation. All Holy Cross College students must fulfill these requirements to receive their degrees.   


To learn more about Holy Cross College visit the website at www.hcc-nd.edu.