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Dean of Students Writes Centennial Publication for National Education Organization

Dean of Students Writes Centennial Publication for National Education Organization

NOTRE DAME, IN (January 27, 2014) - Dr. Kelly Jordan, Holy Cross College Dean of Students, has written a manuscript on the benefits of military schooling for adolescent males that has been accepted as the centennial publication for a national education organization. 

Jordan researched and wrote a stand-along monograph addressing the benefits of military schooling for adolescent male students for the Association of Military College and Schools in the United States (AMCSUS), the oldest and most influential such organization in the country.  Titled "Formation in Formation: Military Schools' Distinct Advantage in Forming Young Male Leaders of Character," this original work is the only one of its kind in existence, and it serves as the first in the AMCSUS "Educational Practice Papers" series intended to advance, promote,  and share the developmental expertise of military schools with the broader educational community.  Combining a comprehensive treatment of the existing literature with original research and the author's own experience, Jordan's work addresses an issue of significant importance within education overall and especially regarding secondary education and male adolescent learning. 

As an introduction to the series, Jordan also created a brief organizational history of AMCSUS in recognition of the group's centennial celebration. 

The current Executive Director of AMCSUS wrote that Jordan's manuscript is "an impressive work" that provides "a truly meaningful commemoration of the AMCSUS Centennial."  The former Executive Director of AMCSUS, Dr. Rudy Ehrenberg, characterized the work as "excellent," "well researched, carefully organized, and thoughtfully presented."  Having been associated with the work of military education for over six decades, Dr. Ehrenberg believes that this publication constitutes "a major work on the military education model" and endorses it heartily.  This work enhances Jordan's credentials as a nationally recognized expert on adolescent male formation and development and helps to further the recognition and understanding of the positive impact military schools and military schooling can have on teenaged boys.

In recognition of the work's significance, Jordan has been invited to present his findings at the AMCSUS annual meeting in Alexandria, Virginia in March 2014.  This event is the nation's most prestigious gathering of military school educators, attended by hundreds associated with member schools and by a very few extended invitations.

Prior to Holy Cross College, Jordan served for over 21 years in the US Army and for five years as the Commandant of Cadets at Culver Military Academy, where he serves as a spokesman for the commandants associated with AMCSUS.  His current research builds upon the material presented in this paper, and he hopes to complete a first-ever national survey of adolescent leadership soon.