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Holy Cross College Receives $1 Million Grant from Lilly Endowment

Holy Cross College Receives $1 Million Grant from Lilly Endowment

NOTRE DAME, IN (February 25, 2014) — Holy Cross College has received a $1 million dollar grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to fund three programs that enhance existing collaborations and develop new partnerships that will lead to increased employment opportunities for Holy Cross College graduates within the state of Indiana.

The grant, which is part of the Endowment’s “Initiative to Promote Opportunities Through Educational Collaborations,” will allow Holy Cross College to further develop its Center for Discernment and Preparation and Center for Educational Outreach, both of which benefit Holy Cross students, as well as the local economy.

Dr. Tina Holland, Holy Cross College Executive Vice President and Provost, states, “The Endowment’s grant will fund exciting initiatives that respond directly to the hiring needs of local organizations and businesses, while providing valuable opportunities for our students.” She goes on to say, “We look forward to working with our community partners as we implement the programs made possible by this generous grant.” Such programs include the Center for Discernment and Preparation’s Career Readiness Certificate Project and the Center for Educational Outreach’s Health Services Navigator Project and MGI Project.

The Career Readiness Certificate Project is an initiative developed between the college and Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Workforce Development, and the Career Development Professionals of Indiana. The certificate establishes standards by which students will be certified “career ready,” as demonstrated during their involvement in internships throughout Indiana. Holy Cross expects that 40 new internship partners will come on board through this project, increasing the college’s internship reach to 125 companies throughout Indiana and helping more Holy Cross graduates find meaningful employment within the state. An increase in the number of Indiana internships available is crucial for Holy Cross not only because internships have been linked to future employment for students, but because the completion of a practical internship is required of each and every student to graduate.

The Center for Educational Outreach’s Health Services Navigator Project and MGI Project represent important community outreach initiatives through which Holy Cross College will add to its current list of organizational partners, especially those who will employ Holy Cross graduates. The Health Services Navigator Project is a joint initiative between the college and St. Joseph Regional Medical Center (SJRMC). It is designed to educate students in health services navigation and prepare them for employment with the hospital and other local health services organizations.

The Center’s MGI Project is a collaborative initiative involving a consortium of regionally based senior services organizations. The project will respond to the demand for gerontology education and training as outlined by project partners who desire qualified professionals in the field. Both the MGI Project and the Health Services Navigator Project focus on preparing traditional and non-traditional students for professional service in jobs officially classified as part of the health-care and social assistance industry.

According to the Indiana Department of Workplace Development, Indiana expects to see a 19% increase in jobs in the health-care and social assistance sector by 2018. The Holy Cross programs are designed to prepare graduates for employment in these growing fields and to establish collaboration with organizations that are committed to hiring Holy Cross graduates. The college is committed to educating the mind, body, and spirit, and strives to develop contacts in the local community to help keep Indiana strong.