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New Science and Pre-Medical Programs at Holy Cross College

New Science and Pre-Medical Programs at Holy Cross College

NOTRE DAME, IN (April 30, 2014) — With the generous support of St. Joseph Regional Medical Center (SJRMC), Holy Cross College is excited to announce a new Pre-Professional Science and Pre-Medical program to be launched in the fall of 2014.

For the first time ever, Holy Cross College students will be able to pursue a direct path to careers in the health sciences and medicine. Designed specifically with this end in mind, this new program provides students exactly what they need to become competent and compassionate caregivers for the 21st century. Jointly designed by Brother Jesus Alonso, CSC, Ph.D of the Center for Educational Outreach and Brother Lawrence Unfried, CSC, of the science and math division, this program provides students with the ability to fulfill critical graduate school requirements without sacrificing the important humanizing and practical skills of a rigorous Catholic liberal arts education.

“What the world needs is highly competent doctors and health care providers who go beyond the physiology of the body to be able to relate to each unique human person who is in need,” says Dr. Gregory Hoffman, M.D., a member of the Board of Trustees of Holy Cross College and an advisor to the program. For this reason, the program retains a strong liberal arts emphasis in areas such as psychology, theology, English, art, history, and liberal studies. Ultimately, the program will prepare students for admission to medical and graduate school programs. Collaborative discussions are already underway with a number of these institutions. More specific announcements will be forthcoming at a later date.

To facilitate this program, a new organic chemistry laboratory will be constructed on campus in the summer of 2015. In addition to the laboratory, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center will also provide some initial scholarship support to launch the program.