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Nate Ring Publishes in the Association for Psychological Science, Observer

Nate Ring Publishes in the Association for Psychological Science, Observer

Nate Ring, South Bend native and Holy Cross College Psychology Major ('10) turned what seemed like a flippant class remark into a class project and experiment, that led to publication. Though the process took him just more than a year to complete, from running the experiment, and preparing the manuscript, his paper was published this month in the Association for Psychological Science Observer.

"It started when one of my classmates asked our professor, 'Can we play Guitar Hero in class? I think we could use it to teach something in stats,'" said Nate. To her credit, Michelle Verges, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Indiana University, South Bend where Nate was taking a class, turned the comment into a challenge, "We can play Guitar Hero if someone will write a brief proposal that explains how this game relates to your learning of statistics."

"From the point of her challenge, it was all I could think about," Nate remembers. He went home wrote up the proposal, and then set up an appointment with Verges to start designing an experiment. It was really fun bringing Guitar Herotm into the classroom and using student performances for statistical analysis. Unfortunately, the project did not result in statistically significant results. Undeterred, Nate turned the proposed research into an article about statistical pedagogy; ultimately stating we should be open to such opportunities in our classrooms.

"The outcome from the experiment was ultimately that it made a positive impact in the statistics course. What's more, it also made a positive impact on my personal, academic, and professional development. I learned what it takes to run an experiment, prepare a manuscript, and get published," he explained.

Nate Ring, a Holy Cross College student, was taking an additional psychology statistics course at IUSB through the Northern Indiana Consortium for Education (NICE) program which allows Holy Cross students and those of five other campuses-Bethel College, Goshen College, Saint Mary's College, Indiana University at South Bend, and Ivy Tech State College-to take courses at each other's campuses.

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