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Website Translation Now Available in 58 Languages

Website Translation Now Available in 58 Languages

Linking to the Google translation service has allowed Holy Cross College to make its website available in 58 languages. Although incoming students are required to have strong English language skills to succeed at the college, providing a website translation makes it easier for their non-English speaking parents, family, and friends to learn about the college.

Over the years, Holy Cross College has enrolled students from dozens of foreign countries. Currently enrolled are students from 14 nations including Viet Nam, Iraq, Peru, South Korea, Kenya, Tajikistan, Guatemala, and Malawi. "The Congregation of Holy Cross is a global organization and we strongly believe that all of our students should develop a global perspective," said Br. Richard Gilman, C.S.C., Ph.D., president of the college. "We do this by helping foreign students earn their degrees here and by requiring a global perspective experience of all our graduating seniors," he continued.

Foreign students provide both an area of enrollment growth for the college as well as providing educational opportunities, friendships and perspectives for local students who may have never travelled beyond Michiana before attending the college. For their senior global perspective experience, Holy Cross students may choose from four international trips to countries where the Congregation of Holy Cross has missions. Several recent Holy Cross graduates with second language skills have leveraged their liberal arts education and overseas experience into careers in international business.

To use the new translation service, click on the global icon at the bottom left hand corner of the Holy Cross College webpage (www.hcc-nd.edu) and follow the link provided. The website will reopen with a bar across the top that allows the user to choose from an extensive list of languages. Spanish is the first default language for the Holy Cross website. Like any automated translation service, it is not perfect. However the Google translator employs its users to help it improve. Native speakers can retranslate phrases that don't make sense and send the new translation to Google. The more input the Google translator receives, the more progressively accurate it becomes over time.