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Although there is no single major that will prepare you for a legal education, Holy Cross College has a pre-law track within the multi-disciplinary liberal studies program. Students receive a broad foundation of knowledge in business, English, history and philosophy. The pre-law track is designed to help students develop the analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and written communication skills necessary to succeed in law school and in the legal profession. Your pre-law advisor will guide you in preparing for the law school admission process and helping you select the best law school for you.

pre law

Track Requirements

Liberal Studies Pre-Law Major Requirements
Sample of Classes Required for Track

Required Courses Must take all of the following: Credits
BUSI 203 American Law & the Legal System 3
BUSI 204 Legal Environment of Business 3
PHIL 203 Logic 3
PHIL 311 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHIL 312 Medieval Philosophy 3
PHIL 313 Modern Philosophy 3
PHIL 314 Contemporary Philosophy 3
PHIL 404 Jurisprudence 3
Choose 1 ENGL 102, 326, 335
Choose 3 HIST 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 422
Total 36

Must also take 52 core curriculum credits.
Must also take 32 elective credits.

Department Contact

Timothy Wright
Timothy Wright, J.D.
Assistant Professor, Business