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Additional Travel Opportunities

Additional Travel Opportunities

Learning Adventures and Service Opportunities

The American Southwest

Take a spring break trip that you’ll never forget! “Geology of the American Southwest” features a 10-day mid-semester “field trip” through Utah and Arizona. In Geology of the American Southwest, some of the United States’ greatest National Parks and other unforgettable locations become our classrooms in which students earn lab science credits while learning geology hands on and enjoying some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Students interested in a physical challenge, and who are visual types of learners will thrive in this course. Geology 110 is taught by Mr. Dan Cochran, who has lived, studied and traveled extensively in the Western United States. Interested students must complete a course application in November. Enrollment is limited.

Rome Through the Ages

It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, a reputation Rome truly deserves, and you can go to the “Eternal City” this spring break!  The sojourn to Rome coordinates with a class at Holy Cross College:  Rome Through the Ages.  The class is taught by a Holy Cross priest and Holy Cross College professor, Father Michael Sullivan, who lived in Rome for 12 years.  He also serves as “tour guide” on the trip.