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Get Technology Help

Regular Business Hours:  8AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday excluding holidays

For non-urgent assistance please create a ticket one of two ways:

  1. Send an email to from your HC email account.  You will receive email notifications of updates to your tickets, and you may reply to these messages to append information to your open ticket.
  2. Login at with your familiar HC username and password and fill out the simple form.  You are also able to view, edit, and close your open tickets.

View our ticketing system Service Level Agreement.

For urgent assistance please contact IT staff:

Douglas Blair




Nathan Krakowski   




Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I receive my college email on my smartphone?

A. Your college email account can be used from any modern smartphone or tablet. For phone-specific instructions CLICK HERE. Typically, when asked what type of account you want to setup choose "Corporate" or "Exchange ActiveSync". When asked for a username, enter your full email address. If prompted for a server address, enter ''

Q. Does the college provide Microsoft Office, Windows, the Adobe Creative Suite, or any other software to students?

A. The college does not offer software to students. CLICK HERE for information on purchasing Microsoft products at a reduced rate.

Q. Does the college provide antivirus software? What packages are supported on campus?

A. The college does not provide antivirus software. Our campus network access software recognizes all major packages, including the popular Symantec and McAfee. We recommend downloading one of the many excellent and completely free antivirus packages from vendors such as Microsoft, avast, AVG, and Avira. These can be found at most software download websites, including Antivirus software is required of Windows computers to gain network access.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. To properly change your password you need to do it in TWO places:

To change your computer lab, wireless access, Moodle, and Portal password login to a workstation in the computer lab or library (or your office computer if you are faculty or staff).  Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the keyboard. Then click the "Change a password" button and enter the requested information.

To change your webmail password login to your webmail account. In the upper-right corner of your email click the gear icon which will produce a pulldown menu where you can select "Options". After the page refreshes, you'll see a link in the right column to change your password. Click the link and follow the prompts.

For more information about your HC accounts please visit

Q. I have emails that I want to remove from my college account and keep. How can I save them?

A. You have three options for preserving your emails:

  1. The easiest solution if you don't have many emails is to simply forward them to an alternate account of yours.
  2. If you have many emails and have access to the full version of Microsoft Outlook on your computer you can export all of your emails, contacts, and calendar events to a single PST file.  Here are instructions for accomplishing this with Office 2010 and Office 2013 or 365.
  3. If you already have another email account, you can set it up to pull the emails from your HC account using a POP3 connection. Click here for general information on how to setup this connection. And here are more specific instructions from Microsoft, Google Gmail, and Yahoo.