Student Government Association

The mission of the Student Government Association is to cultivate a unified student body by leading through service, engaging the community, and enhancing the Holy Cross experience.


The Holy Cross College Student Government Association (SGA) is a student-run organization that exists to represent and act in the interests of the students in their academic and community endeavors.

To achieve these goals, SGA’s power is balanced into three divisions: the Executive Board, Student Senate, and Programming Board. Between the three branches, SGA provides students the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, engage in service, and make a difference on-campus.

There are many opportunities to get involved in Student Government Association. We encourage you to contribute ideas and share your unique perspective.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff and Treasurer. Their responsibilities include administering the Student Senate and Programming Board, as well as representing the students to the Holy Cross College administration.

President (right)
Greg Fean

Vice President (left)
Armando Tamez

Chief of Staff
Karen Eckrich

Programming Board

The SGA Programming Board aligns itself with the mission of Holy Cross College. Programming board consists of five committees: Ave Crux Committee, Entertainment Committee, Intramurals Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Social Concerns committee. This Board organizes and hosts events for the students, has a commitment to social responsibility and community involvement, and fosters the spiritual growth of our campus. Through our guiding principles, the Programming Boards strives to promote a holistic student experience.

Ave Crux Committee Chair
Meg Conroy

Entertainment Committee Co-Chairs
Caleb McDaniel

Mike Adamo

Intramurals Committee Chair
Steve Juzwiak

Public Relations Committee Chair
Matt Sheldon

Social Concerns Committee Chair
Landon Yount


The SGA Student Senate is comprised of twelve senators and the four members of the Executive Board. Every student at Holy Cross College is represented by three class representatives. The Senate has the opportunity to pass legislation in addressing issues ranging from the dispersal of funding to college administrative policy. The Student Senate is overseen by the SGA President.

Senior Class Representatives
George Sutherland

Kasey Schaffer

Sofia Lopez

Junior Class Representatives
Angel Vargas

Keysha Streater

Philip Querciagrossa

Sophomore Class Representatives
Ayari Lopez

David Napierkowski

Santiago Migliaro

Freshman Class Representatives
Applications to run for Freshman Senator are available on the SGA Moodle site. Applications will be accepted until Monday, August 28th, 2017. Elections for Freshman Senate will be held on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017.

Members of the SGA are appointed by campus-wide elections, which are held every spring semester, with the exemption of freshman representatives, who run for candidacy in an exclusive fall election. Members of the Programming Board are appointed by the Office of Student Programming through an application and interview process.

Any questions? Please contact Hank Gettinger, Director of Student Programming, (574) 239-8334,