Holy Cross College Student Life

Student Life

Jump in Feet First! Experience College Life at its Fullest.

College is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience everything under the sun. Whether you're involved in a Holy Cross club or activity, contributing a video to the website, playing beach volleyball, tennis or flag football, working out, or playing basketball in our Pfeil Center, or just gathering a group of friends to share a coffee ... you'll have numerous opportunities to get involved. These are the kinds of opportunities that will enhance your learning experience in an entirely new way.


Cheer on the Saints in basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, lacrosse and more and attend the Fighting Irish football games in the Holy Cross cheering section to experience big time college football at its best.  You'll find clubs, events, student organizations, special programs throughout the semester.  There's billiards, table tennis, even bowling at off-campus venues! Snowboarding, skiing, skating trips are the highlights of winter, while scavenger hunts, Las Vegas nights, dances, plays, performances and more will keep your social life humming.

Lifelong memories await.

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