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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Call Campus Security: 574-239-8312


The Campus Safety and Security Department at Holy Cross College exists to serve the campus community. Our mission is to support the college's primary objective of building competent minds and compassionate hearts by helping promote, create, and maintain a safe, secure, and enjoyable campus environment for all members of the college community and its guests. We are dedicated and committed to helping the college create a civil place based on Catholic values and common good.

Campus security is lead by officer Greg Runnels a former US Air Force Security Force E5 and an award winning security service officer.

Report an Incident

Sex Offense and Harassment Policy (PDF, 101KB)

2013 HCC Annual Security Report (PDF, 346KB)

2013 Annual Fire Safety Report (PDF, 94KB)

Fire Plan (PDF, 96KB)

Evacuation Plan (PDF, 15KB)

Limited Mobility Evacuation (PDF, 486KB)

Tornado and other Severe Weather (PDF, 109KB)

Campus Shooter (PDF, 30KB)
   "Run, Hide, Fight" video (YouTube)
   US Dept. of Homeland Security Video (YouTube)

Earthquake Safety

To view Holy Cross College Security and Crime Statistics online at the US Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, click here and type in "Holy Cross College," "Notre Dame" (institution city), and select "Indiana."