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What to Bring

What to Bring

Hints on What to Bring

Remember to bring clothing for special occasions, a warm winter coat, gloves, snowboots, raincoat, umbrella, sweaters, sportswear.

Personal Care
Sheets, blanket, bedspread, pillows, towels, washcloths, first aid kit, medications, hair dryer. All beds have 36" x 80" (extra long twin size) mattresses. Residents taller than 6'6" may request a longer bed (very limited availability).

Acceptable Additions to Your Room
Computer, printer, battery backup alarm clock, radio, stereo* (bookshelf style speakers), small TV, fan, small plants, refrigerator (no larger than 2.5 cubic feet), posters/pictures*, floor lamp.

*A Note on Stereos
Speakers with subwoofers are not permitted. Headphones are required of all residents possessing stereos and other sound systems.

In addition to the Holy Cross Bookstore, college and dorm room supplies may be purchased at numerous shopping venues within 5 miles of the campus. Residents of Pulte and South Halls may desire to purchase kitchen utensils, as well as some basic baking supplies, including oven liners.

UL listed extension cord and surge protector, iron, flashlight, hangers, laundry supplies, room cleaning supplies, sports equipment, bicycle, camera, dictionary, thesaurus.

Do Not Bring the Following
Alcohol, empty containers or packages of alcohol, drugs and paraphernalia, firearms or other weapons, pornographic or sexually explicit material, fireworks, pets, ceiling fans, air conditioners, candles, incense, dart boards, halogen lamps, bed lofts, waterbeds, microwave ovens*, hot plates, toasters*, toaster ovens, broilers, rotisseries. (A microwave oven is available in the Student Union.) Room decorations which depict or promote the use of illicit drugs are prohibited. References to alcohol may not be the focal point of any room decoration.

Valuables, such as expensive jewelry are strongly discouraged. (The College assumes no financial responsibility for damage to or loss of personal property of students, nor does it carry insurance on the personal property of students. If a student is not covered by the parents' policy, he/she may check with any general insurance agency for details for securing such insurance.)

*Microwaves and toasters are permitted in Pulte and South Hall Apartments only.