Transcript Requests

Please read and carefully follow these instructions to request your official transcript to be sent by the registrar’s office to another college or university, employer, or other organization or person. Transcripts may be picked up at the registrar’s office V-173, mailed first class using the USPS, or FedEx to the recipient, institution, or organization.  If you request your transcript to be FedEx there is an additional $25.00 charge for that service.  This charge applies to all students requesting this service.  When requesting FedEx service please include on the transcript request form the telephone number of the recipient. Be sure to sign the transcript request form and fax it to the registrar’s office at 574-239-8313. All former students who are not graduates must pay $10.00 per transcript.  Payment may be made by calling the business office at 574-239-8403.

CLICK HERE for the transcript request form.