Academic Advising FAQs


How many credits do I need to remain a full-time student
Students are required to be enrolled in at least 12 credits to remain full-time.
What happens if I drop to a part-time student?
If a student is enrolled in less than 12 credits, he or she is considered a part-time student. This will affect a student’s status in housing, financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, and possibly delay graduation.
How many credits can I take in a semester?
It is recommended that students take around 15 – 16 credits per semester in order to graduate in four years. Students can take up to 19 credits per semester without being charged additional tuition and fees. If a student wishes to take more than 19 credits, he or she will need to receive permission the Vice President for Academics.
Do I have to take a writing placement test?
Placement into composition courses is based on your standardized test scores. If a student receives an English ACT score of 18 or a SAT Verbal score of 450, that student will be placed into ENGL 101 (Composition I).
What is the deadline to add a class?
Students may add classes through the Tuesday of the second week of school without restrictions. New students should meet with a first-year advisor to discuss their options.
What is the deadline to withdraw from a class?
Students can withdraw from any class without a grade being posted on their transcript during the first week of school. After Week 1, student have until the end of Week 10 to withdraw from any class and receive a W (withdraw). To withdraw, students should first meet with their professor(s) and their advisor to discuss their academic progress and to complete a withdraw form.
What does it mean if I am on academic probation?
Students are placed on probation if they are admitted on probation or receive less than a 2.0 semester grade point average. To be placed in good academic standing, a student must have a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA.
Can I be dismissed for poor grades?
Students can be dismissed for poor academic progress. Below is the dismissal policy:

  1. A first or second-year student is eligible for dismissal if he or she has a semester GPA below 2.0 for two consecutive terms or a cumulative GPA below 2.0.
  2. A junior or senior is eligible for dismissal if he or she has a one semester GPA average below 2.0 or a cumulative GPA below 2.0.
    1. A student with at least 60 credits at the beginning of the term is classified as a junior.
    2. A student with at least 90 credits at the beginning of the term is classified as a senior.

Requirements to Graduate

Do I have to take a foreign language?
Holy Cross College does not require a foreign language, but it is highly recommended.
How many credits do I need to graduate?
Students need to complete at least 120 credits for graduation.
What are electives?
Electives are courses that students can take outside of their major(s), minors(s), and the Core. It is recommended that electives be used to complete a second major and/or minor(s).
Where do I find information about majors and minors?
The list of majors and minors are located here.
How do I declare my major?
During the first-year, students and their advisor will discuss majors and career options that will best serve a student’s academic and career goals. During the second semester, a declaration form can be filled out with the first-year advisor to officially declare major(s) and minor(s).


How do I set up my course schedule as a new student?
Because new students are not familiar with all the policies and procedures for advising and registration, they will meet with a first-year academic advisor to set up their initial class schedule.
When does registration begin for the next semester?
Students should meet with their academic advisor the week after fall or spring break to discuss their academic plan and to register for the next semester.
What is a PIN?
Once an academic advisor and his or her advisee agree on an academic plan for the following semester, the advisor will provide the student with a PIN (personal identification number) so the student can go online and register for classes.
What is a prerequisite?
A prerequisite is a course that students are required to have completed before enrolling into a particular class.
What is the deadline to register for continuing students?
The deadline to register for spring and summer courses is November 30. The deadline to register for fall classes is April 30.
How much is the late registration fee?
The late registration fee is $250.
Can I take a class at the University of Notre Dame?
Students are allowed to take one course per semester at the University of Notre Dame if they are a sophomore, enrolled in at least 12 credits at Holy Cross College, and have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, and receive permission from the Holy Cross College Registrar.
Can I take a class at Saint Mary’s College?
A full-time student at Holy Cross College may take one course per semester at Saint Mary College. A student must fill out a N.I.C.E. (Northern Indiana Consortium for Education) form when they meet with their academic advisor. In addition, students can also take a course at other participating N.I.C.E. institutions that include Bethel College, Goshen College, Indiana University at South Bend, Ivy Tech State College, and Purdue College of Technology at South Bend.


What is the Gateway program?
Gateway is a collaborative program between Holy Cross College and the University of Notre Dame. Students are selected by Notre Dame and attend Holy Cross College during their first year. If students in Gateway maintain a 3.5 cumulative grade point average and do not receive a grade lower than a B in any of their courses, then they are guaranteed admission to Notre Dame as sophomores. Additional information about Gateway can be found here.
Who is the advisor for Gateway?
The academic advisor for Gateway is Mr. Brian Howard.