Alumnus Bruno Souza ’19 left the beautiful country of Brazil, known for its rich culture and warm-hearted people, after high school for the United States. His goal – to learn English and get his bachelor’s degree. 


Upon arrival to America, his higher education journey began at a junior college in the suburbs of Chicago. Later, he was recruited to play soccer at Holy Cross College, where he received his bachelor’s degree in business. Recently, he completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Bethel University.


“Soon after graduation, I started working in Aircraft Financing at 1st Source Bank – more specifically in the Latin American department where I help manage a solid portfolio of clients mostly in Brazil and Mexico,” noted Souza. “After a year of work experience, I went to pursue my MBA working as a Grad Assistant at Bethel University before returning to the same position as a Loan Servicing Agent. On the personal side, I got married to my beautiful wife Savannah, and tried to stay involved in the community through the game of soccer.”


Business field interest

“I always wanted to work in international business, as I am passionate about cross-cultural interactions and have had my own share of experiences living in different countries. Executive Aviation was not on my radar; however, it is a global industry by nature, and I am amazed by how many opportunities are available in this field,” said Souza. “Also, I get to work with colleagues and clients from my native country while still living in Indiana. Something that I could never have imagined was a possibility, but truly appreciate and value.”


Benefit of Holy Cross College

“More than my time in the classroom, Holy Cross encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and provided me with a range of opportunities to develop myself as a person and as a professional. I got the chance to play soccer in an amazing program that felt like a family to me, worked at the dining hall, traveled to Peru on a service trip, did an internship in Spain, was part of the Student Government and the Mission Team, taught a Statistics class as a teaching assistant, and many other things that I can’t imagine would have happened anywhere else,” commented Souza.


Impactful moment

“The most memorable moment in my academic process was my trip to Peru,” recalled Souza. “We spent ten days between Lima and Cuzco with a group of ten students, most of which had never been to South America. It was amazing to uncover the beauties of that country while changing my own perspective about how I see the world. Indirectly, it helped me find my desire to pursue a career in global relations while improving my Spanish that later became a requirement of my job.”


Journey ahead

“My plans for the future are to continue to advance my career in aircraft financing and have a bigger impact on my company as I become more experienced,” said Souza. “On the personal side, I hope to dedicate my time and effort to be a great husband to my wife and the kids we hope to have. I wish to continue to cultivate my relationships with friends and family who have supported me along my path and find new ways to get involved in the community that has welcomed me with open arms.”