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Dane Litchfield


Holy Cross College offered Dane a home throughout his high school years during his involvement with the Saints and Scholars Theology Institute program. It provided him the intellectual and spiritual tools that enlightened his life in ways unimaginable. Those summer experiences made him realize Theology was the obvious choice for his course of study. Coming to Holy Cross wasn’t going away for college, but a decision to come home.


“During my senior year of high school, I was blessed to be able to lector for the Via Crucis at World Youth Day in Panama City, Panama. Being up on stage with Pope Francis impacted my life deeply, as I gazed upon thousands of people gathered in Christ’s name and mission. I wore a Saints and Scholars shirt on that stage to represent my identity as it was shaped by Holy Cross and hold that moment as a declaration to the world that I was to be a Holy Cross College saint.”

His plans involve growing into the scholar, citizen, leader, and disciple that Holy Cross has made him during his time here. He wants to follow the vocation that is instilled in him, going forth from Holy Cross College to shape students in the way he was shaped. Whether it be in the classroom, office of Campus Ministry, or by being a friend,  he wants to witness to the truths that have changed his life.


Dane is a Theology major with minors in History, Philosophy, and Visual Arts at Holy Cross College. He would like to go on to study Theology at the graduate level, earning degrees and hopefully teaching at the university level someday.

"Coming to Holy Cross wasn't going away for college, but a decision to come home."