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Global Studies

See the world in a different light

Adding a minor in Global Studies takes your major course of study to a whole new level.  This minor’s interdisciplinary approach invites you to explore how the world works by blending knowledge and experiences across disciplines.  Courses are designed to explore globalization in all its diversity through examining the impact of political, social, economic and cultural practices.

In this minor, you will engage in the process of social analysis and gain the necessary critical thinking skills that will provide you with a “global perspective” and broaden your scope of knowledge in your major.  An essential component of this minor is an international experience crossing the borders of your academic knowledge into communities served by the Congregation of Holy Cross in India, Peru and East Africa.  Here is where your perspectives of the world will widen.  Living and learning from the people in these three countries will provide you with critical new insights about how global change is happening in our present moment. You will begin to see yourself as an active “global citizen” and discover ways you can become a part of transforming and healing the world, both at home and around the world.

Global Studies Minor

Core Curriculum Requirements

Program contact

Dianne Barlas
Associate Professor