Honors Program

Fr. Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, wrote in 1856 this insight about each student entrusted to his educators. “Never forget that all teaching lies in the best approach to an individual student.” All Holy Cross professors pride themselves in creating outstanding classroom experiences for our students and engaging each student where he or she is in ability and maturity, but many Holy Cross students are ready to experience especially enriched and thought-provoking classes in their first two years of college.  This opportunity is provided by core classes that are designated as honors sections and are open to all students in good academic standing.  These honors classes are not simply everyday core classes made harder; rather, these are enriched sections with challenging readings, assignments, and expectations for serious, highly engaged, and motivated students.

These honors classes are different primarily from regular sections of core classes in the following:

  1. Students in these sections have knowingly selected these sections to join a class of students who might vary in their level of skill and ability but who are joined by their shared commitment to challenging themselves in their learning.
  2. Readings will be more sophisticated, emphasizing thought-provoking primary works and classics in their entirety from that field.
  3. Assignments and projects will call for more depth of analysis and synthesis.

A student who successfully* completes a minimum of eight honors sections while at Holy Cross receives an Honors degree designation.

* A minimum grade of “C” must be achieved for a class to apply toward an honors degree designation.