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I.C. Young


Sought out by Holy Cross College admission representatives all the way in Capital Heights, Maryland, I.C. YoungIIIhas appreciated the personalized attention that HC offers since day one. Even though I.C. and his family are Baptist, he has always valued the Holy Cross education. Attending a Catholic middle school and Holy Cross high school, he knew that he loved the mission and looked forward to Holy Cross College’s Catholic identity.


Through his outgoing and good-spirited personality alone, I.C. has become a leader at Holy Cross and an active member of the tri-campus community. At Holy Cross, hispast and current positions as Resident Assistant, Co-president of Stage for Change, SOAR organizer, Saints and Scholar leader, and Campus Dining employee have allowed him to be someone that all students look up to and a source of joy on campus.

“I like being someone freshman can go to for advice, and I enjoy being a familiar face,” I.C. shared.

I.C. has gained real-world experience by working at the on-campus restaurant at Notre Dame, Legends, and by being a paid intern for The Grotto Network through Notre Dame.

“There are so many chances to practice doing what you want to do. Because of Notre Dame being right there, you have no excuse not to get involved,”I.C. advised.

Additionally, I.C. is a co-lead for the Black Student Union, a new initiative on HC campus. After noticing a chance to strengthen the network between black students at Holy Cross,he decided to use his ability to connect people in order to make a lasting change in the community


With a Communications and Marketing degree in his pocket, along with numerous character-building experiences, I.C. plans on being a leader wherever he goes. Able to grow through the fostering and respectful environment of Holy Cross, he feels qualified when it comes to the job search.

“When my Holy Cross advisors reviewed my resume, they explained how I’ve unknowingly been networking, planning events, and more during the past four years. I realized that I built a community and done many things that jobs look for [in their employees],” I.C. confided

"I have had the opportunity to practice my leadership skills at Holy Cross.”