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Jennifer Duran

Jennifer Duran ’24 is an altruistic person who found pursuing a psychology major with a focus in clinical psychology and an elementary education minor supports her passion to help others.

“Mental health has always been something I strongly advocate for and being able to learn why some people behave or think the way they do is one of my passions,” notes Duran.

Why Holy Cross College

“What brought me to Holy Cross was the smaller class sizes and the welcoming environment that is evident before you step foot as a student,” said Duran. “I would like to go to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in counseling or social work.”

Campus involvement

“I am a senior senator for the Student Government Association, a member of the First-Generation Club, and Psychology Club,” notes Duran. “I got involved in the First-Generation Club before the other two clubs because one of the original founders knew I was a first-generation college student and wanted me to join, so I have been part of the club since my freshman year. I became a senator because I was elected by the students on campus that participated in the election process and wanted to help be the change for this campus. I am involved in the Psychology Club because the head of the department of psychology knew I could be a great asset to the team and have lots of ideas to bring to the club.”

Impactful moment

“My entire middle school experience was the most demanding time for me academically and mentally. Academically, my middle school pushed me and the majority of my peers to our limits that school felt like an academic prison. Mentally, I was tested over and over because of my academics to the point of almost giving up; also having a hard home life while tackling the beginning of puberty was not the best combination for a child between 10 and 14 years old. This time of my life was when I first started thinking about becoming a therapist and hoping to be the person, I wish I had to help me during that time of my life,” recalls Duran.

Future goals

“My plan for the future is to be a school psychologist in a public middle school, to help students cope with challenges they face during the beginning of their adolescence and advocate for mental health assistance. I especially want to become a beacon for the families that come from backgrounds where mental illness is stigmatized and try to reverse those effects,” said Duran.

“What brought me to Holy Cross was the smaller class sizes and the welcoming environment that is evident before you step foot as a student."