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Jillian Walter

A solid foundation and strong faith brought Jillian Walter ’21, an Elementary Education major, to the dream of being an elementary teacher and hopefully, pursuing a master’s in special education.

“My parents would say God called me to this vocation- and I do agree, but being one of seven children and heavily involved with school/parish programs all my life enabled me to make good relationships with teachers and people of all ages. Those experiences inspired me to be an equitable educator, role model, and support like so many of my teachers were.”

Memorable moment

“One impactful moment was when I first decided to apply to Holy Cross. Originally, I am sad to admit, I did not consider coming here. However, shortly after meeting the Vice President (Michael Griffin) at an event, I was singing at, his conviction and excitement for Holy Cross convinced me to apply for a visit. After meeting the wonderful admissions staff, some of the faculty, and hearing from some students who would later become close friends, I quickly changed my entire plan and applied here. It has led to growth both academically, and spiritually I may not have experienced elsewhere. As well as forming lasting friendships with many students.”

Plans for the future

“I truly hope I am able to apply the educational instruction I have been taught so far in my own classroom in the future. I plan on pursuing areas of teaching where some children are marginalized so I can be an equitable educator and provide the support they need to thrive. Additionally, I plan on using all the lessons from in and out of the classroom to become a better servant leader of the common good and be a true disciple, citizen, and scholar.”

“The Holy Cross family community and the tri-campus opportunities is what sold me on Holy Cross. I knew that I would not only receive individualized attention from professors and staff but also be challenged to expand and explore new options.”