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Justin Hoff

Army’s Green to Gold program

Through the many great relationships and connections between Holy Cross College and the University of Notre Dame, there is a great deal of opportunities for our students. For instance, student Justin Hoff ’21 is able to attend both the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Notre Dame and academics at Holy Cross. Justin is in the Army’s Green to Gold program that allows him to do this. This opportunity gives active-duty soldiers the choice to attend a school of their desire and achieve their bachelor’s degree in two years and receive a commission from the Army as well. This means Justin is a full-time student and is not on leave but still on active duty in the Army.

Opportunity sheds light on future

Justin has indeed made up his mind on a career path through the military, but his time at Holy Cross will allow him to incorporate what he’s learned from Catholic Social Teaching into his future role as an officer and leader in the United States Army.

“Holy Cross has been a blessing and has shed some light on my core beliefs. The professors have helped me answer those existential questions I’ve always asked myself and put the Common Good into perspective. I find myself very interested in the lectures and wish my time at Holy Cross wasn’t so short … as a 1st generation (soon to be) college graduate, Holy Cross College has been the perfect fit for me.”

“Holy Cross has been a blessing and has shed some light on my core beliefs."