Non-Payment of Tuition

Enrollment constitutes a financial contract between the enrolled student and Holy Cross College. Tuition is due August 1 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester.

If the student has a balance remaining on his/her account by the first day of class, the balance must be paid by the last day of drop/add or the student’s schedule will be dropped and they will be dismissed from the college.

An extension may be granted for the following exceptions:

  • Student was flagged for verification and they have provided all the information that they can to the Office of Financial Aid but the verification is not finalized; or
  • Student has applied for a private loan but it has not been disbursed yet. MUST provide documentation or verification to the Office of Financial Aid that the loan is approved and being processed; or
  • Parent has applied for the PLUS loan and is waiting for approval or denial; or
  • Student has applied for a payment plan through Notre Dame Federal Credit Union and is waiting for verification of the amount and approval from Holy Cross College; or
  • Student committed to attend Holy Cross College after August 1 and makes request for extension of payment arrangements.

Students may request an extension with the Office of Student Accounts or the Office of Financial Aid no later than the first day of classes. Extensions are not guaranteed and will be granted at the discretion of the Vice President of Finance.