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At Holy Cross College, the support of our alumni, parents, and friends has never been more important. Currently, tuition only covers 68 percent of the cost to educate a student. With government support decreasing and costs increasing, donations from generous donors like you keep a Holy Cross education accessible, effective, and transformative.

Thank you for your support. It means the world to our students.

The Critical Need

  • Over 90 percent of Holy Cross students receive some form of financial aid.
  • The average financial aid package for 2016 was $24,145.
  • In 2016, Holy Cross College gave students $6.5 million in scholarships and financial aid.
  • This year’s incoming freshman, the class of 2021, were awarded $2.2 million in scholarships and financial aid.

The need for philanthropic support at Holy Cross College has never been greater. Make your gift today!

A Bold Determined Future


Holy Cross College has set a bold path for the future under the leadership of Rev. David T. Tyson, C.S.C. This bold path continues to draw upon the traditions of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, while our liberal arts core continues to cultivate minds and hearts to form scholars, leaders, citizens, and disciples.

The College is pleased to welcome many new faculty and staff, who are experts in their fields, and who are drawn to Holy Cross because of its mission. There is much excitement on campus as we enter a new academic year, and it is with great pleasure that we share exciting news about our enrollment, our finances, and our students.

By renewing our commitment to the mission our way forward becomes clear, we educate the heart and mind to shape the individual as a scholar, leader, citizen, and disciple.
     Rev. David T. Tyson, C.S.C.

Class of 2022 by the Numbers

Total First Year Students: 166
Gateway Program: 76
Holy Cross-Saint Mary’s Bridge Program: 2
Driscoll Scholars in Engineering: 8
Traditional Undergraduate: 79
Andre Scholars:18
Moreau Scholars:14
Average SAT: 1270
Mid-50 SAT: 1100-1430

1st Generation Students: 24%
Students of Color: 23%
Male: 54%
Female: 46%
Catholic: 79%
Represent 27 states plus Washington D.C.

Holy Cross College is pleased, and blessed to announce the addition of several highly skilled individuals to our faculty and administrative staff.

Michael Hartmann, Ph.D.
Michael Hartmann, Ph.D., joins Holy Cross College as an associate professor of business, after teaching undergraduate and master’s level business courses for six years at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany. There, he developed and coordinated international exchange programs for professors and a summer school exchange program for students, along with leading the redesign of bachelor’s degree programs for the university. He has also taught business courses for Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill., and the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, Ind.

Michael completed his Ph.D. at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and his MBA at the University of Memphis, Tenn. His undergraduate studies took place at the University of Southern Indiana and included two year-long exchange program studies, the first at Fachhochschule and Universität Osnabrück, Germany, and the second at Unversität Eichstätt in Ingolstadt, Germany.

With teaching and research interests including everything from business ethics to strategic management to personality traits, Michael has submitted and published a number of articles, among them his dissertation, “Personality and Ethical Decision: An Empirical Investigation of Personality Traits and Moral Philosophy.” He has also been a featured presenter at the Second Conference on the European Labour Market for Academic Graduates, held in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Altogether, Michael lived in Germany for a total of about 14 years, and was a seminarian and member of two institutes of religious life in both Germany and the U.S. for about six years in all. As a youth minister in Germany, he organized youth camps and activities and assisted with religious ceremonies. He has also been a scout leader for Boy Scouts of America and for a German scouting organization.

Diane Welihan
As executive assistant to Holy Cross College President Fr. David Tyson, C.S.C, Diane Welihan brings a wealth of experience and a clear commitment to Holy Cross, having previously served as the Moreau Seminary administrator for 20 years. Diane’s strengths are many and varied, including budget and financial management, event planning and production, and seamlessly integrating new processes to enhance both efficiency and collaboration. At Moreau, she achieved a near-perfect “Secret Diner” satisfaction rating over 40 events with up to 350 attendees. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from DePaul University (Chicago), Diane is expanding her knowledge and skill set even further, making her an invaluable asset to the office of the president. She will also be assisting Holy Cross College Provost Justin Watson, Ph.D., and HCC Senior Vice President Michael Griffin, Ph.D., as well as working closely with the Holy Cross College Board of Trustees.

Terron Phillips
Terron Phillips (’14) joins Holy Cross College as director of recruitment and retention. Terron will lead the College’s efforts to share the Holy Cross charism and story with prospective students and applicants, along with developing the avenues and resources for student support that will help students flourish once they have enrolled.

A graduate of Holy Cross College with a bachelor’s degree in history, Terron went on to earn his Master of Arts degree from Louisiana State University, focusing on higher education administration. Prior to his return to Holy Cross College, Terron served as the executive M.B.A. admissions coordinator for the University of Notre Dame. Contributing all that he can to the mission, development, and continued growth of the Holy Cross community, Terron is looking forward to inviting amazing students to join the Holy Cross community, building strong relationships with them, and supporting them in reaching their individual goals.

Emily David
As the new Gateway Program coordinator, Emily David is certain to relate well to the program’s participants: she was one herself. And her journey has been a significant one. Though she began it with a year at Holy Cross College and ultimately graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree from Notre Dame, her educational journey has also included a semester at John Cabot University in Rome, and most recently, a year-long Russell Berrie Fellowship in Rome, where she pursued a theology diploma in interreligious studies at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. Emily’s global educational and life experiences – along with skills acquired by serving in Rome as a pastoral leader, tour guide and event coordinator – make her the perfect point person for other young people during a season of their lives filled with explosive growth and transition.

Angelia Forrest
Angelia Forrest brings more than career experience to her role as the director of financial aid at Holy Cross College. She brings a dedication to providing students with not only the means to pursue higher education but also the tools to succeed in that endeavor. Previously the assistant director of financial aid at Goshen College, she helped students and parents navigate the options, policies and requirements of financial aid.

She also assisted the dean of students in planning and coordinating student programming and extracurricular activities. In addition, she developed an academic success program to provide students with the individual attention and resources to help them reach their goals, as well as a faith and vocation project to expose students to other religions with the goal of determining how and if their beliefs and vocations could intersect. On campus, she served as a racial misconduct investigator, reviewing racial harassment incidents and claims, and she developed the “barbershop initiative,” which brought together minority males to discuss their race-related concerns.
A member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Angelia is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend, and has also earned a master’s degree in management from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Ind. She is currently working toward her doctorate in higher education, and is the mother of two boys, Mark and Cambrin.

Karen Bautista
For Karen Bautista, the position of student services specialist is a natural fit. The recent Holy Cross graduate earned not only a Bachelor of Arts in business but also the respect of the colleagues she interned with in the business office and in data administration and scheduling. She also has aided the president’s office administrative support staff with event planning and setup clerical assistance. As a bilingual communicator, Karen served as a tutor for La Casa Amistad for her Service Learning Experience and has also worked as an interpreter for Indiana First Steps, a program that helps to ensure that all Indiana families with infants and toddlers experiencing developmental delays or disabilities have access to early intervention services. She remains dedicated to expanding her skills and serving the students of Holy Cross College to the best of her abilities.

Emily Leyes
Emily Leyes joins Holy Cross College as a budget director, bringing several years of experience and extensive analytical skills in municipal and nonprofit finance and budget management. Most recently, she was the director of financial services for the City of South Bend’s Division of Wastewater, where she managed the operational and capital budgets for both wastewater and solid waste departments. Prior to that, she served as director of billing and customer service for South Bend’s municipal utilities, managing the billing to some 40,000 accounts, resolving billing disputes, analyzing key metrics and performance indicators, and revising and implementing the rules and regulations governing the utilities. She was also a finance manager for the Department of Public Works for the City of Indianapolis, where she managed the capital budget for the engineering and construction division. While in Indianapolis, Emily volunteered and served on the advisory council of the St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services, a Catholic Charities Indianapolis agency that provides life-long services to empower women and families of all faiths by offering support, compassion and professional guidance.

Majoring in economics and political science, Emily graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris, Minn., with a bachelor’s degree. And, as the first to receive the John Ryan Fellowship, she earned a master’s degree from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs, focusing on public financial management and policy analysis.

John Pajakowski
A Certified Public Accountant, John Pajakowski earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Before joining Holy Cross College as a staff accountant, he was employed by the State of Indiana as an auditor for 29 years, auditing local units of government, investigating fraud and theft, and overseeing and reviewing multiple audits concurrently. He also continues to provide accounting services part-time for a local business. As an active member of Knights of Columbus #5570 in South Bend, John has held several officer positions within the organization. He is married, with two children, both of whom live in Chicago.

Ted Theisen
Born and raised in Benton Harbor, Mich., Ted Theisen graduated from Holy Cross College in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree focused on information technology systems. His return to Holy Cross as an IT user support specialist brings his career full circle. In the interim, Ted served the public library system in Bridgeman, Mich., providing technical and website support, teaching computer skills and assisting library patrons – a good fit for the former McKenna Library intern. Along with finding great joy in helping people learn about the technology they use, Ted enjoys volunteering, and he has served in various leadership positions for his local Boy Scout Troop. His hobbies include bicycle repair, working on antique tractors, sewing, knitting, and flying microdrones. He also holds a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

When Bruno Souza, ’19, first learned he would travel to Peru, he wasn’t exactly surprised at the prospect of traveling to South America. Hailing from Brazil himself, Bruno had hoped to travel to Uganda and experience a new culture. In fact, it was the reason he decided to attend Holy Cross College in the first place. “I thought this trip wouldn’t be such an environment shock to me as for my other classmates,” he says. “I was wrong.”

As a Spanish minor, Bruno was required to travel to Peru to fulfill the Global Perspectives component of the program. Along with a group of other students, Bruno spent more than a month there, being initially immersed in the culture in one of the poorest parts of the country. He also spent time working in the Fe y Alegria school. It was as much of a learning experience for him as it was for the children educated there. “We got to hear what the kids’ dreams were for the future, play sports, hear their curiosities about America, and goof around with the little ones.”

Before each Global Perspectives trip, Holy Cross students take a course that prepares them for the responsibilities of being a global citizen in their host country. Students are not merely educated on respective differences, but how to recognize and build fraternity with people whose lives differentiate in geographical, cultural, and economical ways. “I was very humbled to actually see the conditions people were living in and still see how strong their communities were,” Bruno says. “They love, they suffer, they watch out for their loved ones, and they want to succeed.”

For Bruno, Holy Cross has nurtured his curiosity, compassion, and desire to affect change through the Global Perspectives program. “Anyone can have money, status, and big words,” he says. “What impresses me is generosity, humbleness, and kindness.” Having experienced the challenges and rewards of encountering another culture, he hopes to travel more in the future. “I am interested in what’s happening on the other side of the world because I could be there one day,” he says. “In fact, I really hope I will.”

For Kara Tarala, ’21, an education at Holy Cross College is a family affair. Her siblings are alumni, and during their time as students, Kara recalls hearing stories about their experiences and participation in various aspects of student life, including campus ministry. “Knowing that campus ministry would help me learn more about my faith and be more involved with it was an influence on my participation,” she says.

Ministry has been an integral part of the Holy Cross experience from the beginning. Originally founded as an educational institution for Brothers, the college has opened its faith-based tradition to students and disciples of all genders and religious traditions. Keeping with its Catholic precepts, students are welcomed to participate in the religious component of the Holy Cross experience to further enrich their education.

Kara explains, “In campus ministry, I attend meetings every Sunday after mass, go on retreats during the year, and just focus on helping my peers and being a positive influence to those around me.” To her, discipleship is more than profession to a particular tradition. Education is a doorway to diligence and compassion, ideals that pervade the spiritual and professional life long after a student earns their cap and gown. “Campus ministry has given me patience and understanding with my schoolwork,” says Kara, “which is important in the workforce and in the classroom.”

Campus ministry allows students to understand themselves through the Catholic lens, which in turn affects their relationship with the world. This is integral to Holy Cross’ mission to educate the student in mind, body, and spirit. “Holy Cross encourages its students to be disciples by the mission work we do, and the service opportunities we are given. Helping the marginalized is a big part of the knowledge in being a disciple,” Kara says.

Campus ministry provides Kara and students like her with the opportunity to commune with their faith on a deeper level, allowing them to go forth in the world with the “competency to see and the courage to act” – a vital mission at Holy Cross that, as Kara is testament to, persists as more than just a motto.

The college has worked hard over the last year to stabilize its finances. The commitment of our administration, faculty, and staff to secure our future is commendable. For the first time in many years, the college ended the 2017-2018 year with a surplus.

As of June 30, 2018 the college’s endowment is $5.2 million and is completely held within the Notre Dame Endowment.

Our development efforts were bolstered by gifts totaling $927,587 from 858 donors this past year.

As you can see, the college is moving forward on many levels, thanks in large part to your generosity and enduring support of our mission.

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Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and match charitable contributions made by their employees. The process is simple, quick, and can double or triple the impact of your gift.

Search below to find if your company has a matching gift program. If your gift is eligible, request a matching gift form from your Human Resources department. You may be able to complete the form on your company’s intranet site.

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For more information, please contact:
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A Holy Cross College education is not possible through tuition alone. Annual gifts from alumni, parents, and friends supports all aspects of the College and make an immediate impact on our students.

Our phonathon program is one great way to connect with our current students. When you answer our calls, you will immediately connect with a current Holy Cross College Saint who is ready to tell you about their experiences and how your support makes a difference.

Don’t recognize our number?
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My HCC Gives Back


April 21, 2020

The Holy Cross College fourth Day of Giving was a huge success. We had the most successful day yet unlocking $50,000 in challenge gifts! We are grateful to everyone stepped up despite these difficult times to share their experiences, give back, and look ahead. Your generous support of our Day of Giving helps us foster and develop endlessly curious scholars, bold, informed citizens, globally minded leaders and modern day disciples.


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Support student scholarships
Student Scholarships
At Holy Cross, we strive to ensure that students who want to pursue an education have the financial support they need. Be a part of helping our students receive the funding they need to achieve their academic goals.
Be one of 175 donors to unlock an extra $10,000 for student scholarships!

Support campus ministry
Campus Ministry
Each year, we support the faith and religious experiences of our student’s spiritual programming and initiatives through Campus Ministry, including special masses, trips, and retreats.
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Support student life
Student Life
Your support to student life programs helps foster the out-of-classroom experience by providing opportunities for students to create lasting memories and life-long friendships. Your gift will help support student life programming and the various clubs on our campus.
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Support athletics
Be a part of supporting 100 of our students who participate in student athletics. An NAIA school since 2008, our Saints athletic programs are rapidly growing and breaking records every year!
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Support Gateway Access Scholarship and Program
Gateway Access Scholarship and Program
Your support of this area will help to strengthen an endowed scholarship and build additional program support to assist Gateway students.
Be one of 175 donors to unlock an extra $10,000 for Gateway Access Scholarship and Program!


We challenge you to be one of 300 people to make a gift prior to noon to unlock an additional $10,000 – a challenge generously supported by Lou Holtz, and his son Skip Holtz. Skip attended Holy Cross before transferring to the University of Notre Dame, and in 2017 was the recipient of an honorary degree and served as the Commencement speaker. Lou Holtz was the head coach at the University of Notre Dame from 1986-1996 leading the Irish to their last National Championship in 1988. Together, they are challenging all Saints to rise up and make a gift before noon to help Holy Cross meet all goals.

On April 21, your gift will go even further, because every unique gift we receive will help us unlock an extra $60,000 in challenge gifts for some of our most active affinity groups at the college: athletics, student life, campus ministry, scholarships, and the Gateway Access Scholarship and Programs. Plus if 300 donors make a gift by noon on April 21, the college will unlock an additional $10,000 challenge. You can help the college unlock $60,000 in challenge gifts during this one day.

Make a secure gift online now or call (574) 239-8344. Gifts received by April 21, 2020, will be counted towards the challenge gifts.

Please visit or call (574) 239-8344. Gifts received by April 21, 2020, will be counted towards the challenge gifts.

Thank you so much for all that you do!

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Q: What credit cards do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

Q: If I mail my gift, will it count toward the goals for Day of Giving?

A: Yes, any gifts received on or before April 21 will count. Additionally, any gift made in response to our My HCC Gives Back mailing or made online from March 30 – April 21, 2020, will automatically count.

Q: If I split my gift, will each split gift be matched?

A: We appreciate your support and desire to maximize the matching benefit to the college. To encourage broad involvement, the challenges were offered based on each unique donor who makes the gift, not each gift.

Q: Can I choose where to direct my gift?

A: Yes! Gifts of any amount to athletics, student life, campus ministry, student scholarships, and the Gateway Scholarship and Programs will count toward the day of giving, My HCC Gives Back, and are eligible to unlock the challenge gifts. To designate your gift to a specific area or fund, go to, Make a Gift, then select Designations.

Q: May I give a gift in memory or in honor of someone?

A: Yes, absolutely. Please include the name of the person you wish to remember or honor.

Q: I’d like to get involved at Holy Cross. Where can I request volunteer information?

A: Thank you for your interest to lead and serve at Holy Cross College. Please visit for information on how to get involved.

*If you wish to speak with someone directly about making your gift, please call (574) 239-8344.


Memorial and Tribute Giving

Holy Cross College holds many special memories for its alumni and friends. A memorial gift is a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a deceased classmate, loved one, or friend right here on our campus. If you would like to recognize a memorable occasion, such as a graduation, marriage, anniversary, or honor a teacher, alumnus, or friend, making a tribute gift is a special way to acknowledge the important people and events in your life. To make a gift, please visit our memorial giving page or contact JudeAnne Hastings, Associate Vice President for Communications and Development, (574) 239-8372 or

Memorial Bench
Minimum Donation: $2,500

Benches are built to provide perpetual tributes for members of the Holy Cross family. Site and plaque wording are determined by the donor, family, and the college.

Memorial Tree
Minimum Donation: $1,000

A dedicated tree serves as a living memorial for members of the Holy Cross family. Site, species, and tag inscription are determined by the donor, the family, and the college.

Driscoll Auditorium Seat
Minimum Donation: $500

A unique gift for a patron of the arts, each dedicated seat features an engraved plate.

McKenna Library Acquisition
Minimum Donation: $250

Holy Cross College will dedicate a book by installing a bookplate recognizing an honoree. You may designate the specific subject area of your book.

If you are interested in endowing a chair of an academic department, an athletic coaching position, a professorship, or student scholarships, please contact the Office of Advancement at (574) 239-8368 or

Endowed Scholarship
Minimum Donation: $50,000

An endowed scholarship fund can be named to honor a loved one, recognize a favorite professor or in the donor’s own name. A gift of $50,000 or more is required to establish an endowed fund that will support your scholarship in perpetuity. The gift can be paid immediately through an outright gift of cash or stock or through a pledge over a period of up to five years.  For information, please visit

Young Alumni of the Driscoll Society

We know that our Saints of the last decade are finishing advanced degrees, launching careers, and starting families. We also know that our alumni are proud of their Holy Cross experience and are looking for ways to express their pride and gratitude. In honor of our 10 year anniversary of the College’s first B.A. commencement, the College is launching an exclusive giving society for young alumni, the Young Alumni of the Driscoll Society. Alumni who support the Annual Fund with a $100 for each year after their commencement will become a Driscoll Society member. By your 10 year reunion, you will be a full member of the Driscoll Society with your first gift of $1,000 to the Annual Fund.

Graduated Levels

$900 Class of 2009 (monthly donation of $75)

$800 Class of 2010 (monthly donation of $66.67)

$700 Class of 2011 (monthly donation of $58.33)

$600 Class of 2012 (monthly donation of $50)

$500 Class of 2013 (monthly donation of $41.67)

$400 Class of 2014 (monthly donation of $33.33)

$300 Class of 2015 (monthly donation of $25)

$200 Class of 2016 (monthly donation of $16.67)

$100 Class of 2017 (monthly donation of $8.33)

Brother John Driscoll Society Levels

  • A Notre Dame football parking pass for our campus
  • Special communications from the college
  • Recognition in the annual report
  • Invitations to our Welcome Home Picnic and donor appreciation events
  • “State of the College” update from the President

Holy Cross College Information

Holy Cross College is a Catholic, residential, coed, four-year institution of higher learning, offering an applied liberal arts curriculum. It was founded in 1966 and continues to be conducted by the Brothers of Holy Cross a society of lay religious men within the Congregation of Holy Cross (CSC) who take vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience as a way to more creatively and intimately serve the mission of our Savior Jesus Christ, His Body – the Church, and the needs of the world. Brothers of Holy Cross serve through ministries which educate and sensitize persons to the need of the world for justice and peace.

Leadership Giving

Donate to Holy Cross College

Donors who give at a leadership level understand that their contributions directly affect the students, faculty and programs at Holy Cross. These generous gifts have the power to make a significant difference in a student’s future. Leadership gifts may be designated for specific purposes or made to the Annual Fund, which provides support to areas of greatest need within the College. When you give on an annual basis you enable Holy Cross to plan for the future with assurance.

Unrestricted Leadership Giving

  1. Driscoll Society members’ unrestricted gifts provide foundational support making a Holy Cross experience possible for our students. Those who give to the Brother John Driscoll Society make a lasting impact on the College.
  2. Young Alumni of the Driscoll Society is an exclusive giving society for young alumni who are looking for ways to express their pride and gratitude for their Holy Cross experience.
  3. Business Partners in Success members allow their business to expose Holy Cross students to the Michiana business community while assisting in making a Holy Cross education more affordable for our students.
  4. Student Philanthropy Council is a student group committed to showing pride and loyalty in our school and its traditions by sponsoring campus events to educate the student body about the importance of philanthropy.

Restricted Leadership Giving

  1. Scholarships play an essential role in attracting and retaining the best qualified and most deserving students.
  2. Planned Giving: when you plan a gift as part of your overall estate and financial plans, you will help us expand the boundaries of knowledge and insight through teaching, artistic expression, and other forms of scholarship.


Office of College Relations

JudeAnne Wilson Hastings
Associate Vice President for Communications and Development
Phone: (574) 239-8372

Jodie Badman
Associate Director of Development for Special Events
Phone: (574) 239-8374

Myriam Saint Jean
Assistant Director of Development for Research and Cultivation
Phone: (574) 239-8344

Lisa Kochanowski
Assistant Director of Communications
Phone: (574) 239-8356

Gifts of Stock Transaction

Donating stocks, bonds, or mutual funds is quick and simple and may provide significant tax advantages. According to IRS regulations, the date of your gift corresponds to the date it arrives in our broker’s possession (for transfers from brokerage account to brokerage account).

Holy Cross College works with Lake City Bank to accept and process securities on its behalf. Please download the stock transfer form from Lake City’s Wealth Advisory Group and share it with your broker to complete and return to Donna Miller at Lake City as directed. If you have any questions, please contact:

JudeAnne Wilson Hastings
Director of Development

For other ways and means of having an impact on Holy Cross College, please visit:
Ways to Give
How to Give