Your week at Saints & Scholars will be full of exciting learning, personal growth, and fun. Here is a sample look at a typical day.

After breakfast we will gather for morning prayer and then divide into our tracks for two morning seminars divided by a break with great coffee, juices, and snacks. These seminars will be led by theology faculty, but full of discussion with your peers.


After lunch, the 11 other members of your track, the 2 college mentors, and your professor will head out to the community for experiential learning. The site is chosen based on your track topic, but all of them give you the chance to have an exciting experience in which you learn how you can make a difference in our world.
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Late Afternoon
Each track returns at 4:00 p.m. The rest of the afternoon is down time. You can take a nap, have a snack, play games on the quad, or simply relax.

After dinner, we will have various social activities (games on the quad, etc) and some time for prayer as well as preparation for the next day.

Special Events
For those students coming from Notre Dame Vision, the Saturday recreation day will be built around a trip to the beach at Lake Michigan. During the week, we also will have one night-time, candle-light procession to the Grotto at Notre Dame. On your last night, we will have a banquet at which you will receive the official, and awesome, Saints & Scholars t-shirt. A bonfire and party will follow the banquet.