The Capstone Presentation

CapstoneAttending Holy Cross College is a life-changing experience. After four years of scholarship, faith and service … of meeting people and experiencing cultures from around the world … of exploring career options … of challenging yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually … you WILL become a different person than you are today.

You’ll become more confident and prepared for graduation and whatever the world of career, community, church, and family brings your way.

The Capstone Presentation is in many ways your final challenge at Holy Cross. It allows you to share with your peers, faculty, friends, family, and community leaders the ways in which you have grown and changed. The Capstone helps you synthesize what you have learned, and prove to yourself, others, and the Capstone Evaluation Committee that you are ready to take the next step in life.

You will deliver a 45-minute, multi-media presentation that discusses college coursework, service experiences, international experiences, internships, leadership experiences and athletic achievements. You will prepare an electronic portfolio that captures and reflects upon your experiential learning. You’ll discuss the ideas, events, people and relationships that have changed you, reflect on college life, and discuss ambitions for post college success.