The Center for Global Perspectives

We are Holy Cross…Crossing Borders in the classroom, in our local community and in the global community.

Global Perspectives We are Global Citizens-in-the making!

It‘s right there in the our mission statement:  Forming global citizens with the competence to see and the courage to act.  That commitment makes us serious about crossing borders of all kinds…on our campus, in our local community, and in the global community.

At the heart of global education at Holy Cross College is an experiential approach which emphasizes a call to promoting human dignity and the interdependency of human communities that builds global solidarity.

  • We are about a global perspective that is focused on shaping a better and shared future for the world.
  • We are about developing a vision of social justice and human rights, as well as building peace and shaping our actions that can lead to increasing and sustaining human flourishing across the world.
  • We are about engaging the principles of Catholic Social Teaching as the primary lens to understanding and appreciating the dynamic nature of promoting human dignity within the complexity of cultural diversity.
  • We are serious about becoming global citizens, who have the capacity and a real curiosity  to approach the world with a willingness to extend beyond our own cultural framework experiencing the world first hand.

It all begins with a willingness to be open-minded and attentive to the world around us.  Taking the steps to know yourself as a global citizen starts with recognizing how your fit into your own culture, being curious about the world, learning about the global economy and geo-political issues which impacts how people live all over the world.

Becoming a global citizen is an intentional approach to your education.  It action-based and value-driven.  It deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition, it is centered about the dignity of the human person, peace-building and justice living.

Becoming a global citizen is risky business.  You will be changed when you see the world through the eyes of faith.

Global Perspectives


Global Perspectives—LEARNING. Essential to the HCC core requirements for Global Perspectives, this course explores globalization and global solidarity as critical pathways toward the student’s development of a global competency within their area of study. Designed to investigate the challenges of emerging global partnerships throughout the world, emphasis is placed on the economic, political and cultural structures that challenge the promotion of human rights. This course is structured to enable students to position themselves as active and informed global citizens through a variety of learning opportunities. Lectures, blended-online study modules, presentations and experiential assignments will introduce students to the impact of multi-national corporations, NGO’s and humanitarian movements along with the efforts of the United Nations and Catholic Relief Services in the development of a global society dedicated to equality and human dignity.

Global Encounters—EXPERIENCING. One day seminars with local international communities focusing on immigration, refugee awareness, inter-religious dialogue and inculturation.

Global Engagement—ACTING. IDST 350 meets once a week to engage the student in academic and personal formation regarding the country of destination, cultural and global consciousness, and his/her cultural identity. An underlying purpose of the pre-experience session of IDST is to guide the student through their expectations with attention given to new perspectives which will present themselves while in the host country or in their personal reflection. The post-experience sessions will allow students to use their experiences to explore a movement in perspective regarding culture, globalization and faith. Application to the CGP is required for this course.